Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 months…

I feel such guilt when I don’t get around to recording important events… especially when I take THOUASANDS of pictures…

but that is RIDICULOUS! I don’t need yet another thing to feel guilt about in motherhood… so I plan to post Minnesota pictures … someday!

For now…

the focus is on this little guy…


who turned 4 months old on the 19th.  I don’t think I’ve ever written only about him… his sister is a bit of a spotlight hog.  But that’s okay with him,

he is happy doing ANYTHING… except riding in his carseat for longer than 30 minutes.  Daily, he sits happily and makes sweet noises while I’m dealing with Lily’s latest catastrophe.  He gets a pensive look when she is screaming and carrying on about the travesties of her life… such as being told no, not getting to flush the toilet when someone goes without telling her, someone putting the wrong outfit on her little brother.  I hope his thoughts in this situation are about how absurd his sister’s fits are and how frustrated they make his mom and dad…. and how when he’s older, he’ll NEVER do things like that. 

Look at this face… pure joy.  I don’t think fits are going to be a problem…


I thank the Lord every day for this little boy and his sweet, sweet spirit. 

He loves to be talked to, loves to stand up, and loves to look at patterns.  Unfortunately, his favorite is the pattern on my ‘hooter hider’, which greatly impedes his eating in public.


He loves his big sister… even though she likes to torment him.  Just another example of his easy-going personality… although he does have his flinch-y face every time she comes around.


He weighs 18.2 lbs.

He is 26 1/2 inches tall.

He’s in the 97th % for both.  Looks like we’re going to have to have another jumbo baby on our hands. As if the chins and leg rolls weren’t already an indication.

He sleeps through the night… every once in awhile.  Most nights, he wakes up once around 3 or 4.  He takes naps during the day… IN HIS BED… which is amazing and so NOT like his sister.


He currently goes by Mister Guy, Brotherrrr (said Hulk Hogan style), Brother (said Desmond from Lost style),  Bwudder (said Lily style), Brother Bean, Baby Noodle, Bright Eyes, E-Lo, and so on.

The evolution of nicknames fascinate me… says the mother of a girl called ‘Be-bo’

… wish I could explain how and when Lily-bug became Be-bo… but I can’t.   Who knows what Eli will be called 3 years from know.

Happy 4 month birthday!

WE LOVE YOU  Mister Brother Baby Noodle Guy!


Stephanie said...

Those legs of his are just too much. I love all the rolls!

He looks a lot like you to me. But then by Lily he looks like her a little. And I think SHE looks like Jeff. Does that make any sense?!

Love the updates. Sounds like you guys are great!

The James Family said...

He is a really happy little guy and I'm so glad he ended up being a chunkster. I need him to teach his cousin-twin how to take longer naps. I also need you to come up with a great nickname for Ethan. The only nickname I have now is Efan and that's not really too fun.... :)

He really looks like you in that first pic!

Seth , Angie, Noah said...

Wow! He out weighs Gracie who at 9 months has not reached 17 pounds. I guess that is the difference in a boy and a girl. Glad to know his weight so I can re-purchase his baby gift lol. Is that one of Lily's doll strollers he's riding in?! She looks gorgeous in that picture and he is a doll baby for sure :)

Anonymous said...

The look on Lily's face in the picture w/ the stroller is hilarious...screams mischeif! Look forward to seeing you guys again...


Anonymous said...

He is the sweetest little baby boy in the entire world! We love him so much. Miss you all!


Anonymous said...

We are so blessed to have this precious, beautiful, and sweet spirited little baby boy!!!

We also think that our precious, beautiful and amazing little Be-Bo is just the best little three year old girl ever!!!

We love both with all our hearts,and miss them terribly.

Love, Maow and Pappa

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

he's precious and lily has gotten so big!!!! she's beautiful!

Tom said...

Eli is such a sweet, happy boy. They just grow up so fast. I feel so blessed to be his Nana.