Thursday, April 08, 2010

t-shirts and Texas traditions…


You know me and my love for iron on transfers.  After many ‘adobe photoshop has unexpectedly quit’ messages… I finally finished these with what was left of my sanity:


Onesies for the E-twins to wear.

Ethan is arriving via c-section on Monday the 12th.  Keep my sister and BFF in your prayers that day and keep a look out for pictures.  Our own little Eli is unofficially scheduled to come via induction on Monday the 19th… unless he decides to make make a real move with some of these heinous contractions I’ve been having.  

Two cousins… one week apart… crazy.


Big sister and little brother outfits for Lily and Eli.  She wants to wear her pink tutu… so I obliged and planned accordingly.  If  he looks as much like her as he did in the ultrasound… they really will be ‘quite a pair’.

Our niece, Grace, will be making the journey from Minnesota with Maow and Papa.  I couldn’t leave her out.  I figured an apple is a cousin to the pear… so she’s got an apple cousin tank dress to wear.



We finally took Lily’s picture in the bluebonnets before they all go away.

To all non-Texans… this is a Texan child’s rite of passage to take pictures in the bluebonnets in Spring.  They really are amazing this year in our area.  We only had to walk next door for our photo shoot.  I made Jeff mow all of ours (GASP) because I discovered sticker plants growing in the mix.

Here are a few of my favorites:

DSC_0033-3 copy

DSC_0012-5 copy

DSC_0013-5 copy 

Just getting her to sit down was a battle… sitting like a lady was a fight we weren’t up for.

DSC_0009-3 copy DSC_0029-5 copy 

DSC_0008-6 copy


Suzanne said...

Awww....I love the onesies. I can't wait for our little cousin twins to wear them together. And the shirts for Eli/lily/grace are adorable too.

I love the bluebonnet pics. I really need to take some of Luke since they're so pretty this year.

Maybe we'll go into labor together this weekend like the mom and daughter did on Father of the Bride 2 :)

Stephanie said...

All of those outfits are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Lily looks so big in those pictures...good luck w/ everything - we'll be thinking about you...hard to believe we should have been in the same boat right now...can't wait to see pictures of your new addition.


Lauren Valentine said...

Love the onesies and shirt & onesie for the big sis & little bro! So creative : )