Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can’t even believe…

my sister is having baby #2 tomorrow and that I’m at the end of this pregnancy.

I started Baby Eli’s scrapbook… while I still have some free time.  I even made his birth announcement and  a couple of pages where all I have to do is add a photo of him.  As a 2nd child, I am determined that he will not feel like a 2nd child when it comes to pictures and scrapbooks.  I have a hunch that I will fail… but I’m going to give it a valiant effort.  Jeff assures me that as a boy… he won’t care either way… but I don’t know if I believe it completely.



Anonymous said...

You and Jeff will do a wonderful job of taking photos of your precious son, Eli. Scrapbooking can always wait until you have some free time. I didn't start Jeff's until he was 21.

We can't wait to meet him. For your sake, hopefully this week.

Love You, Maow

Stephanie said...

You are on top of things girl! I can't wait for Suzanne's big day!