Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lily lately…

… has a cold she can’t seem to get rid of.  I feel like she’s missed as many days of school as she’s attended.

… is getting super excited about having a new baby… except when it comes to sharing her ‘new park’.  She is an abnormally good sharer, but is under the impression that she will be receiving a playscape in the backyard for Christmas.  She tells me daily how she is going to tell ‘that baby’, “That is NOT your park… you are too little… you can play with baby stuff.”

… likes to hear stories about when I was a little girl all day long.  Especially… when there was a rattlesnake in the yard and we called Augie home from work to kill it…  When Aunt Ne-ne and I found baby kittens in Augies boat… when Aunt Ne-Ne made me crack my head open on the coffee table.  It makes me feel like I was raised in the olden days.


… just wanted to wash her car one day and said, “Maow will be so proud of me.”  She also wants a bag of Cascade dishwasher tabs “of (her) berry own” for Christmas.

DSC_0007-2 DSC_0002-2

… says ‘beak-y beak-y’ for EVERYTHING!  What movie do you want to watch? Beaky Beaky.  What do you want for a snack? Beaky Beaky.  What do you want to name your new baby? Beaky Beaky.  Its bizarre and frustrating at times...  but almost always makes me laugh.

… likes to find things in my closet.  She walked around in my veil and cinderella shoes singing ‘here comes the bride… i’m walking in the aisle'.’


…  says ‘Yippee Jose…. this is going to be fun’.  She heard Nana say ‘No way Jose.’  and now thinks you’re supposed to add Jose to anything you want to.

… loves this show on Nickelodeon called The Fresh Beat Band.  When I bought her these pink sparkly high tops, she called them her Kiki shoes (the pink wearing guitar player).  She has been obsessed with them.  One night, she came into bed with us and instead of first throwing in her blankies… she hoisted over me two sparkly pink high tops that she’d been sleeping with all night.


…goes potty all on her own.  It is a little unnerving to hear the toilet flush and see her walk out pulling up her pants.  I still like to be notified and oversee everything that goes on in there.

… needs some reassurance several times a day that “there’s no big bad wolves at our house, right?” (while shaking her head ‘no!’ as if to answer for you)  Why did I EVER tell her the story of the 3 little pigs?  Apparently too much for a 2 year old… I should have waited until she was 18.


Stephanie said...

That bride picture is priceless. She looks SO BIG in the last one. She sounds hilarious to me!

The James Family said...

she's just so cute! she does look like such a big girl in that last pic. and I am so envious/impressed that she goes potty on her own. we are seriously going to have to have a potty boot camp at your house.

Anonymous said...

We could use some help in the potty training dept as well - it must be a boy thing...Kiyanna was a piece of cake compared to Easton. So is Lily getting a playscape for christmas? Seems crazy to think about playing outside in December:)....what was the outcome of your pictures - were you able to recover them? We need to catch up! -Holly

Jen said...

thanks for the update...that was fun! she is getting cuter and cuter. she is going to make a great big sister!!

Cora Burns said...

Lily is looking so grown up! She looks less like a toddler and more like a little girl. Birch is still enjoying the Little Texan's Book of Colors as well as Lily's letters and the mailbox. One day I had to read the letters over and over... Maybe you can bring Lily's stroller for Thanksgiving and they can push their strollers around together.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! She is so big (and beautiful!) Can't wait to see you at Christmas! _Jenni

Amber said...

I enjoyed reading all about Lily. What sweet stories.

lori said...

i'm a mostly-lurker, but have i mentioned how much i love your blog? i love the way you write, your pics are amazing, and you have possibly the cutest little girl ever. okay, i have to give your cute little girl second place b/c my cute little girl has first place in my heart, but yours is a very close second. i really love it when you put videos up. has anyone mentioned that your child is pretty advanced on the vocals? i'm pretty sure i've never heard a 2yo talk or sing as well as yours does.

Tom said...

Lily is a real jewel. I get so amazed at the connections she makes. I love her little singing voice. We need to tape her singing "I have Decided to Follow Jesus". It warms my heart every time. Love, Nana