Monday, October 05, 2009

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus…

this week marks the end of my first trimester.  I’m so excited to start feeling better and hopefully not need a nap every stinking day!  Also, the second trimester marks the end of miscarriage danger zone.  The loss of one of  Baby Olson’s first friends  in Minnesota has left us very, very sad… and will probably continue to make us sad through the whole thing.  It is so incredible how very fragile life is at the very beginning.


Last week… the unthinkable happened. Our hard drive crashed.  In fear of this happening, we had purchased an external hard drive to store all our photos and videos, etc.  Unfortunately, that thing crashed several months earlier.  So basically… we lost EVERYTHING.  We have the potential to  recover the photos and videos from our old computer when we find the right adapter… so basically, the last 9 months of Lily’s life didn’t happen.  No 2nd birthday, no first road trip photos, no Easter, no first day of preschool… sob, sob, sob.  One thing that I am most sad about is that all of the  digital scrapbook stuff that I’ve bought and collected for over 2 years and every thing I’ve EVER created in Photoshop is GONE! I guess its all relative as now I don’t have any pictures to scrapbook anyway.  Lily may be in for a lot of special event re-creating in the coming days.

In conclusion, don’t buy an external hard drive! We are now paying 4$ a month to an online source and I highly recommend that option.


What we’re working on at the Olson house these days…

… finishing Lily’s cowgirl/horsie bedroom (it’s driving me crazy that it is half finished… but living in a small town with no stores and having a NON shopper for a kid makes things hard)  I’ll post pictures when it is more presentable.

… beginning to build Jeff’s new office to open up a bedroom for the new nursery

DSC_0217 DSC_0218

… starting to make Lily’s Halloween costume… or FALL costume if you think of it as ‘Satan’s Holiday’ as my parents always have.  Working out the kinks… as  of right now, I can’t figure out why the ears and snout look like a pig instead of a pink pony.  I also have to convince her that she wants to be the pink pony… because I couldn’t find the supplies for the white one.  If she ends up in a pig costume come Halloween… I’m totally going to pretend like that was my intent all along.

DSC_0219 DSC_0221


Stephanie said...

I almost cried reading about you losing all of your pictures. I was just thinking this week that we need to do something with all of our pictures. What online source did you use? Again, terrible! I'm so sorry!

I bet her pony outfitcomes out perfect! You are so good at stuff like that. I had to buy Gavin's on sale from Old Navy because I couldn't make him a costume if my life depended on it.

That is hilarious about Uncle Tommy and Aunt Julie calling it Fall Costumes!

The James Family said...

So glad we're so close to the second trimester. I'm ready to feel better too.

That is so sad about the computer crashing. I hope you'll be able to get stuff off the external drive. We signed up with Mozy (online service) a few months ago b/c I was always worried about this. I guess I should have encouraged you guys too....but at least you have a service now.

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

so sad to hear about your pictures. that's terrible! ours are on an external harddrive...yikes! what's the name site you are storing them on now? hopefully you can find someone to recover them for you. i can't wait to see lily's costume! im sure you are doing a great job!

Tom said...

I am thankful too that you girls are heading into the 13th week.I am sorry to hear about your friends in Minn. That is a tough thing to go through.
What a bummer about the computer. I wish I was better about taking pictures b/c then at least you would have something from those months. I love that Lily wants to be a pony and I love that you are trying to make a pony. It'll be precious b/c Lily is so precious. Lily's new decor in her bedroom is really cute. I can't wait for you to finish and reveal. Also, Jeff's new office. Love, Nana