Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is it normal…

for your toddler’s closet to be 50% tutus?




Needless to say, I’ve finished the Bug’s 4th of July birthday tutu ( I just need to make her birthday girl shirt)….


and her mermaid birthday tutu.



**Maybe I should start a pool for how long she actually keeps these on.  As long as it is longer than the time I spent making them… we’re good.


I’m still waiting to receive this shirt that I bought on Etsy…


and will pair it with the tutu and these mermaid bloomers I bought on Etsy.


While we’re on the subject of the mermaid birthday party…


I just got in Lily’s party guestbook (an idea I got from Tiffany at Owen’s Mickey Mouse birthday).


I’m so excited about the imaginative story, the sparkly pages and most of all…


that the cute main character is named LILY!!!

Here are the invitations that I made and sent out for the big day (with a fake address of course).  I couldn’t find any mermaid stuff I liked so I  painted/collaged my own mermaid on canvas  to use…. so this counts as handmade right?:



tiffany said...

if i have a girl im hiring you to make her a wardrobe of tutus!!! such cute ideas!

Chelsea & Nick said...

Wow!! I am SUPER impressed with the invite. And slightly jealous I don't have a little girl to put in tutus. If I have a little girl one day, I'm pretty sure that's all she'll wear. SO precious!!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could be there to celebrate with the little mermaid girl. She will be beautiful! Your invites are great! I wish I had 1/4 of your creative ability.

Miss you!

The James Family said...

I love all the tutus. Lily's mermaid b-day party is going to be so fun. You've planned all the little details out so well. How fun that the mermaid book girl's name was Lily!! That is awesome. She's going to be so cute in her mermaid and her july 4/birthday outfits.

The Wife said...

Shauna, that invitation is so cute!!! You are so creative!

Jen said...

so are so talented!!

Cristi said...

You freaking painted that mermaid yourself? For the love girl, you are sooooo creative. You definitely have skills lil' lady. I can't wait to celebrate Lily's party and I can't wait to bring her younger and future husband! ha

Seth , Angie, Noah said...

We're really hoping to make it to Lily's party!! It is on Seth's bday so it will somewhat be up to him... I'll talk to you more about it later. I guess you probably know by now we're having a girl. I know NOTHING about all this girl stuff. What's Itsy? And send me some more sites that are good for girls stuff???

David, Ally, and Micah said...

I LOVE all the tutus! So cute!

I love the book idea, we did it for Micah's birthday party and it turned out great. I just wish I had gotten a themed book like you did. Great idea!

The invitation is so super cute. How did you paint on canvas and then turn it into an invitation?

Also love Etsy!