Sunday, March 15, 2009

obsessed with wall collages…

I have been since I got my first apartment.  I still am.  I love making frames fit together on a wall.  While working on one for Jeff’s office… I was inspired to make one as my new blog header.  You may see some photos you recognize…. some you may not.  In searching the archives for a picture of my UT graduation and an old family photo… (which I never found as they were saved on my Mac which now belongs to the guy who won it on ebay mere moments before my water broke with Lily)…  I found this:

image0-11 which was in a folder of photos I scanned for my mom’s 50th birthday video.  I LOVE IT! It’s so typically 70’s and my dad’s shorts are as short as my mom’s. It will soon be replaced…. so enjoy it while it lasts.

I also included this:

lilysil20mos copy

A silhouette that I made from this photo of Lily in photoshop. P3069890

She’s watching Barney… the only way she would sit still enough.

At the same time… I also made this:


From this photo of Lily blowing bubbles:


I hung a sheet on the fireplace to get a solid background.  After I made them… I was so excited that I ran to get Jeff to show him. (this never happens… so he should have at least feigned interest.)  He pretty much thought I was a big nerd… so I had to show him this stationery store that I love… to convince him that it was cool.  I’m not sure if he’s convinced. 

Nevertheless, both silhouettes will be framed in his house in the near future… maybe even in his ‘MAN room’.  (cue sinister laughter)


Blame it on the hint of Spring in the air… but I’m all about organizing our home these days.  Of the sizable list of closets and shelves, I’ve only checked off one… my little secretary desk.  This only happened because Jeff was home that day and I couldn’t get on the big computer.  I’ve sat at the computer countless times in the last week working on the one room that I’ve yet to decorate…. Jeff’s office.  I realized that about 90% of our home videos are filmed in this room and how much time we actually do spend in there. .. and that I HATE it!  When we moved in, Jeff put the kibosh on my blue and white porcelain idea from a PB catalog… and instead insisted that it have his manly things in it… (like tiny sports figurines and a Bono painting that he commissioned).  So…  keeping that in mind…. I am creating one heck of a frame collage with only things that he loves because I love them because he loves them… but one that I will love to look at.   And Lord help me… I’m going to figure out something to do with those blasted sports figurines. Although, I will NEVER love them as long as I have to dust around them. Hopefully sometime this week I will be able to put up some amazing before and after pictures.

All I have to work with so far is that giant painting of Bono and two 4 picture frames of Lily and his niece and nephews. Let’s see what comes from this:

office wall copy


David, Ally, & Micah said...

How do you do the silhouette thing in photoshop??? I want to try!

Laura said...

love it all shwain! can't wait to see the finished wall gallery in the office. and you've totally re-inspired me to do the silhouettes...they turned out SOOOO cute!! jeff should be proud :)

Jen said...

too your talents ever end??!! =)

Tom said...

Well I enjoyed seeing the photo of Dad and me. I haven't seen that picture in a while. Dad and I haven't changed much. (ha! ha!) We still like boating though. I love the silhouete pictures and the blog collage. I think a collage will look good in Jeff's office. Love you all, Nana

The James Family said...

I love the new header--very creative! Also, I think the arrangement will look great in Jeff's office. I need to try and do that before I tackle a wall collage here.