Tuesday, March 10, 2009

berry pickin’ fun…

Lily and I went berry picking with our playgroup friends.  Just picture moms and children picking quietly side by side on a sunny spring day…  nice right?


Now picture this kid:


running like a wild woman down every aisle… screaming and laughing and trying to escape the grasp of her frazzled mother—who by now looks like the victim of a brutal attack from the red strawberry juice smears and splatters all over her shirt.

 P3069831 P3069815

Lily didn’t understand at all that the berries weren’t there just for us to eat and step on.  She couldn’t get them in her mouth fast enough. Thankfully, no chemicals are sprayed on them… so I won’t have to be watching for her to sprout a third arm or something.


The horses and donkeys kept her occupied for quite some time.

P3069855  P3069866

I think we only made it to the counter with about 7 berries in our box… and guilt streaming down lily’s face.


Chalk one up for new experiences. Load one filthy kid with a full tummy into her carseat… I’d say we had lots of fun!



here’s my scrapbook page of the event:

p.s. I’m updating our 2009 album pretty frequently with pictures from Bug’s daily life… that don’t make the blog cut.



Jen said...

that is so funny and too cute! she is a doll!!

David, Ally, & Micah said...

So cute! Micah just discovered he loves strawberries last week so I am guessing that they would be partners in crime at a berry farm!

I love the scrapbook page, too! I am so behind on mine, still!

The James Family said...

Those pictures are really cute. I know Lukie would have been running all over the place too. That actually sounds like a nightmare to me. If we go, I want to go with Mark so he can chase after Luke too :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! She is so Grace. Double Trouble here we come!

Love you,

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

you're blog always makes me laugh!