Thursday, January 22, 2009

geh.... what a week...

Lily came down with a nasty sickness... which I have diagnosed as the 'anti-sleeping sickness'. It's awful! She has had a terrible fever, congestion, runny nose, and cough to the point of puking. She has taken up residence in our bed... which means she sleeps across my neck (restlessly) ... which means I don't sleep. Last night I had to change my t-shirt 4 times in a row after she coughed and threw up on me, her pillow. Poor thing.

Thus... we've been stuck inside with NO escape! Like salt in a wound... Jeffrey is away at a nice hotel in Austin for the night and out to a fancy restaurant with work. Although, he deserves it... his sleep has been interrupted too. I hope he comes back refreshed and rested... because I plan to take a nice long break on Saturday! To make our quarantine worse... our internet service comes in and out. No Youtube is a BIG problem with a sick bug! It's the greatest thing in the world... Lily can sit in my lap and say... 'ponies running' or 'monkey song' or any other random thing she thinks of ... and there is a video for it.

We've watched these videos and about a million and a half times:

Finally, today, I took her to buy Elmo's potty time as a little treat. Lily couldn't handle waiting on the internet to come back on to finish the song. Sorry future Wal-Mart shoppers who get our cart!

I semi-failed with project 365... so I'm taking this year off. I will just make a new album and call it (more appropriately)... project take a least a few pictures each month.

Here are some photo highlights from our January thus far:


... that one cold day we had.


... now if we can just get her to take her diaper off while she does it.

However, she was smart enough to figure out after peeing twice in it that it just needs something wet on the sensor to play the special song. So... she said 'mess' and pointed to her hands... knowing I would give her a wet rag... then sprinted into the bathroom and played the special song on command with the rag ...and hasn't peed in it since.


... suzanne and mark had no idea they were giving her a best friend and dress up partner for Christmas... she's named him 'Pete' (all on her own.)


... by far my favorite disney world souvenir.


... no big deal... just reading a little Shakespeare and C.S. Lewis waiting for the 'hungry doggies' video to start working again.

What classic literature is your 18 month old in to?


Tom said...

LilyBug is a busy little girl. She is so precious and so full of personality.I hate that she hasn't been feeling well. I am glad you put that Sesame Street counting song on the blog. I like that song. I am not sure how to sign off. Is it going to be Nena or Nana? Love you all.

Jen said...

I am so sad Lily has been sick (so had Drew!). Hang in there...that's what I keep telling myself!!

Lily is so precious...such a big girl! Are you guys already doing potty training? WOW!

And Drew likes the dog video too...thanks for showing it to us.

The James Family said...

Sorry, I meant to comment on Friday when I got home :) That dog video is HILARIOUS but the best part was seeing it with you right there saying all the words along with it. Who comes up with those videos??? Seriously. I wonder who has the time to make all the tribute to the different Thomas trains too. I love all the pictures of Lily.