Thursday, January 29, 2009

and left me in the dust. Time flies when your watching this:

P1299185 P1299198

My big 2008 goals revisited:
1. Be a better housecleaner. Stick to an organized schedule for daily chores.

HA. Cleaning this house is like running on a treadmill... i can do it all day long... but I'm never going to get anywhere. Mark that down for 2009, I guess.
2. Be more encouraging to others.

Eww. Forgot about that one.
3. Restart having a daily quiet time with Jeff.

We did it quite a bit at the beginning of the year. He's gone too much... I'm going it alone.
4. Put others before myself and not feel sorry for myself.

I feel like that one may have been accomplished. Jeff could tell better, probably.
5. Allow myself to have a creative outlet... time for scrapbooking, writing stories, taking pictures, etc.

Boy did I ever. That one pretty much trumped all others.

Welp... that feels good. I should probably simplify and REMEMBER them in order to accomplish them. I have a lot on my mind these days.


My 2009 goals are:

1. Be a blessing in the life of everyone I am around. Improve a situation just by being there and giving of myself.

2. Do my quiet time everyday at the beginning of nap time. I realized that nap time is really the only time that is MINE during the day. Therefore, I am giving God the 'first fruits' of my 1-2 hours as an offering.

3.Finish something... anything!

My vanillabean website is changing... and Suzanne is joining me in the fun.

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The James Family said...

Good goals. Maybe I will try that quiet time during naptime. That sounds like a good idea. GREAT pictures of Lilybug! I usually think she is such a little Jeff but in that last picture I see a lot of you in her.

Laura said...

awww. lily is looking so old! she's adorable. good job on your goals - i'm impressed that you write such specific ones. when's our next get-together. jack and lily need a playdate :)

Tom said...

Awesome goals! It is so fun watching Lily grow and develop into a beautiful little girl and watching you girls grow into excellent wives and mothers. Love you all, Nena/Nana