Friday, December 05, 2008

Here is the video running out to find her new car for Christmas from Mamma and Papa:

(sidenote: this kid makes a beeline for the neighbor's driveway every time she gets the chance as they usually leave his 'cozy coupe' out while he's away at daycare. And every time I haul her back kicking and screaming... paranoid that one of the parent's will have stayed home from work and see us using their toys out the window. So... she has reason to be QUITE excited to see one in HER driveway.)

As usual with all of our home videos... I sure wish MY VOICE could be deleted from the clip. Try your hardest to ignore it.


Jen said...

too cute! yea, lily!!!

David James said...

The slow-motion replay at the end was classic.

I want a ride.

Tom said...

Pure Joy! A vacuum and a cute little car. Mamma and papa made one little girl very,very happy. Lily is so precious. Love you all, Nana