Thursday, December 11, 2008

This poor kid...

had one ROUGH day yesterday.  After waking to find that her dad had skipped town in the wee hours of the morning, she had to go to the doctor.  Once there, she found out her ear is STILL 'abnormal' and they were going to have to bring out the 'big guns'... a 3 day dose of antibiotics  THROUGH SHOTS!  Plus, she's being referred to an ENT which will probably mean tubes are in her future.  She had to get the first dose of antibiotic that day, whose thick needle and vile smelling medicine made a spilling over bulge in her leg and even made her non-squeamish mom get queasy.  I tried to make it up to her by taking her for 'bok- bok' (McDonald's chicken nuggets) and watching 'the wiggles' together on the couch.  While standing on the couch next to me, she leaned over the arm to reach a book on the end table and before I knew it she was completely vertical.  All I saw was her feet in the air and heard the sickening thud of skull hitting tile.  Her cheek and eye managed to hit the bottom shelf of the end table somehow, too.


Here is the result this morning. Pictures don't really do the knot on her head  justice. I sure am glad that our Christmas photos are already taken and processing.



She's been such a good girl despite it all.  After shot #2 today, we packed up and went to see Luke.... the ULTIMATE treat, as Luke is her favorite thing in the entire world.

We'll back at the stinkin' doctor's office tomorrow morning for round 3.  Poor kid.


Anonymous said...

My poor precious, beautiful Lily! Our hearts go out to her. Hope the doctors come up with a wonderful solution SOON!!! You are an amazing mom Shauna.
Love You-Papa & Mamma

The James Family said...

She is a trooper. I know I would be impossible to deal with if I was getting shots 3 days in a row--but she seems pretty happy. I'm glad Lukie brings her so much joy. I hope it's always that way :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Lily! I hope she starts feeling better and hope she doesn't end up having to get tubes!

Jen said...

poor lily and poor mommy...i am so sorry you are having to go through this. it looks like she is a tough little girl, and i am glad she has lukie!! =)