Monday, October 27, 2008


Our busy month is almost over.  I'm actually excited to have a clean house and nothing to do for a while.


We had a really fun time in Minnesota. Lily stayed pretty happy, although she ended up having double ear infections and not sleeping much the entire time.   She tore Mamma and Papa's house apart and stayed constantly entertained by her cousins. She has still not stopped talking about "no-no, yi-ya, i - "boo", and gees' and calls for 'Jee-Jee' any time I tell her 'no'!

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Laura and I had quite an experience at our first and last craft show, despite the fact that it was a dismal failure. 

PA248007 We knew we weren't craft show people the moment we walked in and saw a lady setting out 'bead creatures' on her table.  We had A LOT of time to sit and talk. We stayed entertained by the special kid who would come and give us updates about the sale of his family's wooden ducks. They were doing quite well with the given audience.  I also managed to memorize the sales pitch of the guy at the granite candle booth next to us.  It went a  little something like this, " Ever seen a rock on fire? It's a candle, burns forever, can I show you how it works?"  and then they were stuck for the next 10-15 minutes.  When he wasn't talking to potential customers... he was sitting and swinging his coiled santa hat around on his head.  Laura and I attempted to take his picture without him knowing.


Several hours before the bitter end... the delirious 'Olson twins '

PA248008 packed up our stuff and left... much to the dismay of the show coordinator, who came over to tell us not to.  I informed her of our decision and were expletives required... I would have used them at that point.  I was tired, cranky, and missed my bug-bug.

In conclusion... the booth fee was well worth the reunion and good laughs we both had.


By the way... I will never be leaving again because of the stain control I had to do when I got home.  GEEEZ... several ruined outfits sat wet and molding on the dryer.


laura said...

thank YOU! that post alone was worth the trip. i'm once again in tears just thinking about it all. we should do a craft fair once a year just for the laughs :) love you, twin ;)

Jen said...

i am glad you guys had fun in minnesota, but i am so sad that the craft show did not go well. but at least you had each other! from your description, it sounds like some of the health fairs i worked when i was employed by the acs!!

Cristi and William said...

You looked cute at the craft fair despite the crazy old man next door to ya'll. I can now say I have actually seen a rock on fire. For the LOVE. If ya'll decide to do another craft fair, expo, whatever, I will be there to support you and I'll promise to bring my checkbook with me!! ha :)

The James Family said...

Sorry the craft show wasn't more successful. At least you tried. And we all know it isn't a reflection of how cute your art is. Glad things are going to slow down. Now maybe we'll start seeing each other more regularly again :)

Tom said...

Enjoyed the post. Lily Bug was a pleasure to keep on Friday. I am glad you and Laura had some hanging out time together. You will be laughing about the whole thing in a few years. Love you all, Nana