Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Love, love, love this...

this is why I became a teacher. Looks like the Ron Clark Academy is the school I was looking for.

I guarantee you that my dad will need subtitles for this and click mute halfway through.

About the election... I will refrain from telling too much. People sound way more intelligent who keep their mouths shut. However....the whole thing has me kind of depressed. It's a sad state of affairs when people care more about the way celebrities vote than finding out facts for themselves... that there is a decidedly 'cool' choice and an 'uncool' choice... when really all there should be is an 'informed' choice-- whichever that may be for a certain person. I think its sad that 3rd party candidates get booted out of debates . I think it's sad that everything I've researched shows that government is flawed beyond belief and terribly corrupt and neither presidential candidate can really do anything about it. That being the case, however... I just can't make myself vote for anyone that wants to INCREASE the power of such a flawed system. I WOULD vote for the person that instead of campaign contributions to air million dollar tv ads-- raised money to contribute to this ---which increases 3.84 BILLION dollars a day!!! How are people not APPALLED enough by that number to vote for a change in government spending!?! My plan of attack this election day is to personally vote against any current member of the congress that has proven that they can not be trusted with my tax dollars with the way they voted... (I speak of my FORMER tax dollars as I now do not technically have a PAYING job) Anyway... I digress. Anyone looking for something to read should try this... Jeff's given me the highlights from his ipod and I might be ready to write him in too!


Laura said...

amen friend - although i still hope you and jeff will vote mccain even though making a statement by writing in ron paul would be satisfying :) and thanks for sharing that video - way to lighten the mood ;)

The James Family said...

That's a cute video. I hadn't seen that. Glad you and Jeff are keeping the Ron Paul Revolution alive :)