Saturday, July 19, 2008

I've been MIA the couple of weeks...

finishing vanillaBean orders, hanging out with Suzanne and Luke while they stayed with my mom and dad, an impromptu trip to Houston, and a book series that I've strangely gotten involved in.

It was fun for Lily to have her favorite little playmate nearby. We went to the San Antonio Zoo and the park. Lily's quite a happy baby when she's not bored out of her mind from being around her mom only.

P7096494 P7096529

Here is Lily thinking, "Get me the heck away from this thing!"


And Luke thinking, "Hey, which one of you guys wants me to brush you?"


The zoo had a great little sandy beach and wading pool... perfect for Lily's size!


Lily and Nana trying to get the elephant to say, "Atchoo" like the one in Lily's book.

P7106601 Here the expectant photo my mom snapped trying to get Lily and me at the bottom of this slide... instead hearing the abrupt halt and slow squeaking of skin on plastic when my skirt became a belt.


Luke didn't seem as surprised by this slide's lightning fast speed and drop off exceptionally far from the ground.

My dad had his monthly meeting in H-town and my mom went along to see my aunt. I decided at the last minute to hitch a ride to see Laura and Kelli, my best friends from college. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera on this trip... but fortunately, Laura had her's. She is starting a photography business and I was more than eager for her to use 'the Bug' for practice. The coolest thing was that, there in the park... in her tutu... with a talented photographer snapping away, Lily walked more steps than she ever had.... and hasn't stopped since.

Check out Laura's website and the pictures she took of Lily on her photography blog. They turned out so great and I can't wait for her to take some with all three of us next week!

Here is a video of Lily's latest skill in action (walking like a drunken old man):


Anonymous said...

Hey next time you're in town we should get together--give us a call!! ~Aaron and Brandi

Jen said...

yea! you're back...we've missed hearing what you have been up to. the pictures of lily are adorable. i love the one of you and her in black & white. and yea for exciting!!

Tom said...

I am so excited that Lily's walking. She's so pretty. I loved Laura's photos. Now, we are on to the next phase. I know you don't need me to tell you to enjoy each and every phase. I say we try the zoo next time in the Spring. Love you all, Nana

The James Family said...

I'm glad we have been able to spend so much time together lately. It's so much more fun than just being at the house. Luke and Lily are turning into good playmates and now that she is walking they will have even more fun together.

Ashley said...

When I was reading this blog, I was secretly hoping that the book series you mentioned was Twilight, which I am rereading right now. I am so excited to find another fan!!