Monday, July 07, 2008

Back to reality...

and sweltering heat.  We thoroughly enjoyed our Minnesota vacation.  Lily's birthday party happened to fall on the ONE rainy, cold day of our visit... which made for a very fussy birthday girl.  Jeff and I agreed that she has NEVER acted that bad... yet if you ask her mamma, she'll promise she was 'angelic!' 


Here are some of Lily's friends in attendance:


P6286250 P6286241 P6286310

She was really only content while playing in the rain gutters and eating one of Aunt Jenni's oh-so-cute ladybug cupcakes.

P6286251 P6286276

... which could explain why she ended the night like this, (but the tutu was gone in the first 5 minutes):


It was nice for my parents to get to see Jeff's hometown during their 4th of July celebration... complete with

a parade,


cheese curds... mmm,


and MUD BOGGING (trucks attempting to drive through a mud bog that smelled like catfish bait)!



Good times were had by all!


Lily became obsessed throughout this trip with cows


and grew in her fascination with dogs


and belly buttons! (Mine got a well-deserved break with Isaac around.)


She took about 6 steps in a row a few times, but seems to have decided that crawling is more efficient... despite her fancy new walking shoes purchased at the Mall of America.


The plane ride home was a bit stressful due to our 4 hour layover in Chicago.  She woke up from a too-short nap quite crabby ... so we were pulling out the stops on the last flight to keep her entertained -- mostly with food. 


After drinking her weight in milk, (trying unsuccessfully to get her to go to sleep), several drinks of coke (you try having a whining baby on a plane and see if you don't give in too) , a juice box, water, eating cold chicken nuggets, mozzerella sticks, a tootsie pop, mini m&ms, a fruit strip, and about a barrel of puff corn... lily threw up on me in the final descent into Austin.... surprised?

It's kind of bittersweet to be home now...

wish Texas and Minnesota weren't so far apart

... or that we owned a private jet!


laura said...

awww. lily was a cute birthday girl - at least you got a photo of her in the tutu!! glad you had a good trip - welcome back to your texas summer :)

Tom said...

I think I will agree with Mamma that Lily was "angelic." Lily just wanted to swing with Gracie in the the swings that papa Mark put up. She didn't care that it was raining. We did have such a good time. We are so glad we were able to share such an important event with such fine people in Minnesota. Love you all, Nana

The James Family said...

Looks like a really fun time. I wish we could have been there. Hopefully we'll get to go to Minnesota one day to see it all in person. I can't believe Lily is one. It has gone by fast, although sometimes it feels like she (and Luke) have been around forever--I mean that in a good way :)

Jenni said...

We miss you so much already! We sure did enjoy your visit. We are so glad we got to celebrate Bug Bug's first birthday with her! We, too, wish Texas and Minnesota weren't so far apart. Hugs and kisses to Lily Bug.

Holly said...

I love the post and all of the cute pictures! We're so glad we got to spend time with you guys while you were here. Kiyanna is still wearing her 'bug ears' as she calls them around the house. Maybe we'll have to plan another Texas getaway in the near future. You really need to get me started on this blog thing, so that you guys can keep up with us too:)