Sunday, June 01, 2008

first weekend of the summer

Suzanne and I went to see the Sex and the City movie this weekend and loved it... other than the fact that Charlotte named her daughter Lily!  Geh!  Now even MORE  lilies are going to come out of the woodwork... like Emmas did after Rachel on Friends.  It bothered me through the whole movie!

We had fun with the James family at my parents' house... although the fun was a little stifled by my mom's being in agony from her mangled toe.  5 minutes before dismissal on the last day of school and some kid's nasty shoe catches on my mom's toenail and rips it completely off... so...there she sat... 1 trip to the minor emergency room and one tetanus shot later, still in pain.

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Suzanne had told me about this lady's blog, and then my friend, Jessica, sent it to me.  It's really such an amazing story from a mother dealing with tragedy I can't even wrap my mind around.

As Jessica advised... start at the beginning, here:

It made me so much more aware of how inexpressibly grateful I am for this kid.P5305617.. who is growing faster than I'm ready to accept, but is joy personified to me and her dad.


The James Family said...

We had fun hanging out with the Olson fam this weekend. I am so glad we got to go see the movie. It was as great as I hoped it would be.

Tom said...

I wish I could of been out there floating with you guys. I am glad you all came. You are so right about enjoying your beautiful little girl. She is truly a gift from God. Nana