Friday, May 30, 2008

To think...

this time last year... I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bug - bored out of my gourd.Summer is proving to be much more fun with a little buddy to take everywhere. 


This week we went to the new Hill Country Galleria to try find a swimsuit to accommodate my newly acquired 'mom' status and body changes.  I have some specific criteria, including: full coverage, ruching, supportive top, and some sort of skirt... but still something a 25 year old could wear.  I'm beginning to think that this doesn't exist.  Well, actually it might ... but my budget is more limiting than my criteria!

Anyway... we didn't find a swimsuit, but we walked around for an hour.  Lily had the best time in Barnes and Noble crawling around the kids section and pushing the stroller, while I sat and read board books... TO MYSELF!  I remembered I still had a B&N giftcard from David on my birthday.  It was so nice to pick out a couple of cute books for Lily and know that Jeff wasn't at home tracking me on  Having giftcards in my wallet brings me unspeakable joy!

Yesterday, we went with Suzanne and Luke to their neighborhood pool-- trying to enjoy it one last time before all of the little 'community pool hellions' get out of school for summer break.  Lily likes the water... but mostly wanted to crawl out and climb the steps.  She would go under the mushroom waterfall but rarely opened her eyes.  Luke was busy going places... including the snack bag for Lily's cheese puffs.  Don't worry... she made it even my diving into his 'snack trap' when he went back in the water.

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Jen said...

i can hardly believe she is almost one! wow!! looks like you guys had you stayed pretty busy with her at the pool! =)

The James Family said...

We had fun with you two at the pool. Hopefully it won't be too bad now that the school kids are out for the summer.