Friday, May 09, 2008

It has been Craft City, USA...

around here lately.  Jeff was nice and gave me some time to work on all of my half-finished projects.  I'm really milking this whole 'mother's day' thing!


Like this chipboard mini album for Jeff's mom...



(I'm only posting it here because I know she's been in the car on the way here since 4 this morning.)


With VanillaBean orders, my own take on the MLB logo for my nephew, Josiah (as I JUST received an email that his Christmas gift order from the MLB website, which was backordered, is now canceled) , a baby shower gift for the McAnnellys, etc. I feel like I've finally got a handle on this.


P5085189 P5085186










Learn how (and why) I made this gift 'can' for my mom at






I even cleaned out my craft closet because it was taking me the length of Lily's nap just to find everything I needed and get it all out.  Then she'd wake up and I'd have to shove it all back in before she got to it.  She has a strange affinity for tearing and eating paper!

P5085148   P5085180 Before and After









I even tackled my overflowing, messy ribbon box with a trick I learned in this month's REAL SIMPLE to keep spools of ribbon on wire hangers.




The James Family said...

Everything you are making looks great! I'm glad you had some time to finish up some projects and clean out your craft closet. It looks very organized.

Jen said...

wow! you are incredibly talented...i am jealous!!