Monday, May 19, 2008

I've got birthday on the brain...

after Jeff's parent's were here and we went to get some things for them to carry back to Minnesota with them... so we don't have to try to bring them on the plane. I can't imagine a butterfly pinata lasting to0 long with the harsh airline treatment of checked luggage.

With only like 5 weeks left, I've been using every spare moment to finish 1 year scrapbook pages, find things for our lilyBUG theme, design her invitations, etc. All who attend better be ready to wear some homemade antennae!

I think with the amount of hobbies I have... I really need one of those mythical 4 hour nap babies. Not much can be done in 2 30 minute increments.

Anyway, here are some cute photos that Jeff took trying to capture just ONE for her invitations.


P5165391 P5165397 P5165376

P5165371 Here she is imitating my smile complete with squinty eyes! I wonder if in time she'll imitate my voice sounding like George W. Bush or Joel Osteen like her dad does?

Oh boy... let's just say I've got it coming.


Jen said...

what a cutie...i am so glad i got to meet her in person...finally! and i can totally relate to the 30-minute day, we are so gonna get to make up for those missed, long naps!! =)

The James Family said...

She's just so cute. I'm so sad we won't be able to be at her LilyBug party. But I know it will be so much fun and very cute. I still want an invite though :)

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

i completely understand (since lily and owen have the same birthday!) i have a closet full of decorations and have ordered tons of little things from ebay and amazon. i may be a little carried away, but isn't it fun? tiffanyy