Sunday, March 18, 2007

My spring break has sadly come to an end. However, it's end signals the near end of so much more. In the teaching profession, it is all downhill after spring break. No more school holidays meaning the end is quite near. I'm measuring it's end by doctor's appointments. I will only have 2 more appt. days until I'm done for QUITE a long time. I really do love my job and am so thankful for it... but the thought of not having one for a period of years, I must admit, makes my heart sing a bit.

The last day of spring break finds me with a bit left unaccomplished. I wanted to make the art and sew the bed skirt and curtains for the baby's room. I wanted to devote some time to becoming less "see-through lizard" white in skin tone. I wanted to begin to pack some of the things that we don't use regularly. None of which have been done.

I can say, however, that I enjoyed myself. I spent quality time with my husband, sister, nephew (who, by the way, is seen above wearing his mini TWINS jersey from the Rohnes and sleeping in a Target basket), grandparents, and parents. I bought groceries, cleaned out the pantry, I caught up on my internet research, but most time was spent fantasizing about the tiny life growing inside me. The baby has been moving like crazy. Today during church, she started kicking during a prayer and I couldn't keep my eyes closed because of the incredible bulge that kept appearing on my left side. We started playing with each other, where she would kick and I would poke back, then she would kick again for about 5 minutes. It was like communicating with her.

I am seriously unable to concentrate on anything, even more so than what was already caused by my adult onset ADD. I feel like how I did when Suzanne and I used to lay in bed before a trip to Schlitterbahn, except way more intense. Like then, I just want to close my eyes and imagine what it will be like and hopefully when I open them... it will be time to go. I think about bringing her home for the first time, trips to Minnesota, playing in the lake with her cousin Luke, singing songs in the car, and every other possible scenario... except for the bad ones."Nana" bought Lily her first bathing suit from baby Gap and its just about the cutest thing ever. I told Jeff I want to hang it on the wall because it just makes me so excited to see it and imagine a little body in it. But, instead, it has gone in the tub with all of the other precious things we have received for our little girl that will come out when we get to set up her things in our new house. We are so richly blessed in so many ways... I think being pregnant makes them that much more apparent!

Perhaps its good that spring break is over... I have less time between the hours of 5-5 to DAYDREAM!


Suzanne said...

I can definitely relate. Waiting for Luke to arrive was the longest nine months ever--especially the last few weeks. Luke and I enjoyed spending so much of your spring break with you. We can't wait for Lily to get here either, and I especially can't wait to see her in that little swimsuit. She'll be too cute.

ZainyGirl said...

Hey Cute Pregnant Friend,
Love when you write on the blog - you should try it more often ;)
Isn't that the craziest when you can SEE them move. Totally freaked me out the first time! Can't wait to see you guys. Glad you had a nice break.