Monday, February 19, 2007

The news I've been waiting for since the first pregnancy test was taken came today.

Its a GIRL!
The picture is a very bad profile view of her head. She wasn't cooperating much in the ultrasound. Maybe she's like her mother and will do anything to get out of a profile shot.

Jeff and I are very excited. I had an inkling... but I dismissed it due to the fact that it only showed up when shopping, online shopping, or thinking about shopping. There is way more cute girl stuff to buy than boy stuff.

I must admit that I wanted a girl partly to have the first of SOMETHING in my life. Suzanne pretty much beat me to all monumental events in life. I didn't have the first grandchild in the Tom Kimmel family... but at least I'll have had the first grandDAUGHTER. Oh, how sad and depraved we youngest children can be... always looking for an edge.

In Olson family news... we made an offer on a house in Kingsland, TX a few days ago. We are waiting to hear... but my mind has already placed our furniture in specific places (as well as a few other key pieces to be purchased from the local Pottery Barn).

I've already even started Jeff a list that's about a mile long, which includes painting all baseboards and doors, stripping and staining the cabinets, painting all rooms, building cedar shutters, railing the front porch, planting the front flower bed, etc. etc. etc. ... and its a brand new house. Can you imagine the work he'd have to do if we had bought a fixer-upper?

Blame it on the "nesting" phase of pregnancy... I'm on the verge of going decorating crazy.
I really just want Lily to have a nice place to come home to.... honest!


Suzanne said...

I'll go ahead and leave a comment even though you rarely comment on our blog :) We are so excited to have a little niece. I know Luke and Lily will be best buddies even if they aren't the same sex. I definitely agree that there is way more cute girl stuff than boy stuff. Good for little Lily...bad for your bank account.

I can't wait to meet her--I already love her!!

Kris, Denise & Brandi said...

We got the news and we're excited for you!!! Kris has volunteered himself to assist Jeff in any house remodeling!! (Prerequisite: Tommy and Mark will be working too!) We can't wait to meet her!!

David said...

Congratulations on both pieces of good news. Lots of good stuff going on this week...and it's only Monday!

I love the name Lily.