Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy 2007!

Growing up in a very goal-oriented family... I routinely start to make a 'make myself better plan' around the first of the year. I say around because I really didn't start thinking about it until this week.

These are my proposed goals for 2007:
1. successfully carry and birth a baby

I realized that all other aspirings are trumped by this one monumental event... so why feel like a failure if I don't accomplish them.

So... let's call these my "It'd be nice if I accomplished these...but probably won't because my life is about to change... so, oh well" goals:

1. make a foray into the world of digital scrapbooking

2. begin making strides toward getting a book published

3. put more effort/time into friendships...
3a. call people --the phone is my friend, the phone is my friend, the phone is my friend

4.make a conscious effort to do things that I KNOW will make Jeffrey happy... like loading the dishwasher, cleaning the toothpaste splatter on the mirror, etc.

5. be more active... normal people don't need to start winding down at 4:30... there are still at least 2 more usable hours in the day

and finally...
6. choose to have a positive attitude at work.... "hide it under a bushel... NO! I'm going to let it shine!"


ZainyGirl said...

Great resolutions Shauna! Keep reciting that mantra - the phone IS your friend :) Andy's SUPER excited to play some ping-pong with Jeff. We want to see you guys - come visit us!!

Suzanne said...

Oh Shauna. You always make me laugh. I wish you would post at least once a week.

The phone isn't my friend. Email is my friend.

Julie said...

Looks like pretty good goals you have set for yourself. Print them out and read them almost every day. I think that's the key. If you don't really ever look at the goals again you will forget them. You won't be able to forget the most important goal though. You will remember it every time you look in the mirror. After the birth of our new grandchild then you can have a weight goal like Dad and me. (Ha) I love you. MOM

David said...

I like the new blog design. That takes guts to write down your goals. I bet you make every one.

Amber said...

Yeah! Shauna, I love the goals. Oh, and your mom's posting I could hear her saying. I am so excited for you. I hope to see you pregnant soon. I bet you are cute. Hey...positive attitude at work... looking good this week since we don't have to work much!!