Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Do you want to know how I know that Jesus loves me...
well I'll tell you.
It's pushing 5:30, because I spent an hour after school trying to teach 5 kids that 'eigh' says 'a' to little avail--- then wandered around my classroom aimlessly starting several projects that need to be done, but finishing none and leaving my room messier than before. I'm talking to Jeffrey and feeling sad that he's out of town, but mostly sorry for myself that I have to go buy groceries and carry them upstairs by myself. (This complicated by the fact that I did about 10 lunges the night before and now feel like my legs could give out under me at any second. I didn't exercise before-- why would possess me to do it while pregnant?)

Anyway... it's a bad day!

I'm walking down the frozen food aisle to buy Jeff some FiveAlive when what to my weary eyes should appear... but the words NEW FLAVOR on a Blue Bell ice cream container. It was as if a beam of light had shone down upon it and an angel chorus resounded. The words were like poetry..."CAKE BATTER, artificially flavored." I gasped dramatically and startled a few shoppers around me... but seriously... its as if a gift from heaven came down in a little yellow pint sized container with a tag that read "To: Shauna Love: Jesus"

Lily should get plenty of calcium tonight!!
fittingly... I added the latest picture of me looking large and in charge.


ZainyGirl said...

i could hardly believe my eyes when i saw a new post from you! haha. i am NOT telling andy about this discovery of yours. is it as addicting as the one at cold stone?
p.s. you look great!

Nana said...

This is a test. I am trying to leave a comment. I couldn't from my laptap so I am trying Dad's. Nana

Nana said...

Okay for some reason it works from Dad's computer. YOU always did love your ice cream. As a child you would of rather had ice cream than a meal. Especially a DQ blizzard. I love it when God does that "wow" thing that just blesses your life. You look wonderful. I can't wait to hold this beautiful grandchild. I know she will be sweet. You know the saying you are what you eat. Nana

Suzanne said...

I am sorry you had a bad day. That ice cream news is worth gasping over. You are a really cute little pregnant lady. I really don't think you qualify as "large and in charge."

P.S. Your comment on David's blog was HILARIOUS. I laugh a lot every time I read it.