Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Here Comes the Sun..."

After 2 weeks of grey, cloudy, rainy days. the sun finally came out today. I have a greater appreciation for one of my new favorite songs by M. Ward, in which is singing about a day like today.
"Kingdoms and queens they all bow down to you
Ranches and ranch hands are bowing too
And I’m taking off my straw hat for you, singing
Here comes the sun again

And the leaves on the trees they all call out your name,
Chrome on the freight line shines the same,
And the stars in their cars roll their tops down for you, singing
Here comes the sun again"

Its about the sun, but I think it's lyrics could be talking about the Creator... well, all except the 'stars in their cars'... because they'd more likely be worshiping L. Ron Hubbard. But nevertheless, 'the leaves on the trees' line has reduced me to tears several times thinking of creation, on beautiful days like this, crying out the name of their Creator in praise the only way they know how.

Be it pregnancy or the Easter season, many songs have caused me to sob in my car due to knew profound meanings. I think 'the baby' (the name Lily may be on the way out... due to my seeing two unappealing children at school recently called Lily... and my attention being drawn to the growing popularity of the name) will be a big U2 fan. We have a morning routine of listening to this song in the car every morning. It gets me psyched up about the resurrection each day.

I know that babies can hear music from outside the womb... but it would be a very interesting study to see if they react to the emotions evoked in the mother. It could explain things about kids and the kind of music their parents listen to. I am appalled when doing traffic duty and putting kids into cars playing trash at deafening levels. They think kids don't know what the people are singing about... but they're not the ones having to have uncomfortable group discussions when one seven year old "enlightens" another.

This is why I am trying to expose Lily to only the true classics.

ooops... maybe she is a Lily after all.


Suzanne said...

I couldn't get the link to work for the U2 song but I think I know which song you are talking about. Luke and I regularly listened to "40" by U2 when he was in the womb. I need to get you "Apron Strings" from the She's Having a Baby soundtrack. That song really made me cry when I was pregnant.

Mom/Nana said...

I think we played alot of the soundtrack of Fox and the Hound when you were in the womb. You have always had such a talent with words. I hope you publish a book someday. Lily is a beautiful name. Just go with what your heart tells you.

David said...

The L. Ron Hubbard comment was classic. I hope you, Jeff and Lily had a great Easter with the Olson family.

Mary Kimmel said...

Shauna, I love how you mix serious thoughts with funny ones. It makes them so real. I love reading your blog. I just know what a beautiful person you are and how insightful and introspective. You have a real talent for personal essay. I bet you could publish these and maybe do one of those personal columns in a newspaper. Other people can relate so well to what you say. I laughed out loud about the Blue Bell and several things.

Mary said...

Shauna, I don't know which day it was but I also loved the one about you poking Lily when she was moving around and the two of you playing with each other. I could just see you sitting there doing that! You really do have talent. I know I'll see your name on a book someday.