Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We've returned from my 3rd trip north of Texas...
I got to spend some quality time and have some funny conversations with Jenni and Carla, the shower was so nice and Jeff and I are almost set to start our new home due to the generosity of Southern Minnesota, I broke my shopping fast (big time) at the H&M store in the mall of America, and the kids were extra cute this time.

Jeff and I arrived to the airport at 2:00 for our 3:22 flight, only to find that it has been overbooked and the airline is offering vouchers for volunteers to take a later flight. Jeff and I deliberated just long enough to see the next flight become full... so to get our $600 flight vouchers, we were switched to a different airline to leave at 4:00 from concourse E. As it was already 3:15... we trekked over to the tram system and then to concourse E with our heavy. post shopping extravanza bags in hand. We hike up and down the concourse, but Midwest airline is nowhere to be found. Jeff leaves me sitting with the bags to go ask for help. He comes running back a few minutes later saying we need to run. Long story short... we needed to be in a different terminal. (which is Minnesotan for a different airport apparently) After a 10 dollar cab ride kept a 10 dollar tip, we were met by an unhelpful desk clerk, whose teeth seemed to be all fighting each other for the front position, running away from the desk to leave us waiting for 10 minutes at 3:45 for our 4:00 flight. Another 20 cab ride back... we were both all set to lay into someone to get fully compensated for our trouble. However, as soon as the Northwest guy said "2 tickets in first class for the 7:12 flight to Dallas," Jeff and I were both trying our hardest not to look at each other and say "first class... YES!!" No "laying into anyone" ever occurred.

Let me just say... that is the only way to fly. You get like 4 drink runs, all the leg room one could want, very little flight noise, big comfy chairs, and a meal. Jeff and I had both eaten McDonald's just before... but still ate our first class meal anyway. I was very tired... but didn't sleep for missing any of my first class experience. It was all worth it.


markandsuz said...

I'm glad it all worked out and you both ended up with vouchers and got to ride in first class! How fun. I guess Northwest is a lot more accomodating than American Airlines (our honeymoon). I am glad you and Jeff are back in Texas.

David James said...

Your comment about the "teeth fighting for the front position" is classic. I'm glad you were able to come back to Texas in style. Welcome home.