Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well... Spring Break has officially begun. I woke at the late hour of 6:53... what a vacation! Now I am just sitting awaiting my 10:00 haircut appointment. What is it about going to get your hair done that makes you feel like you need to look your best? Maybe its just me, but I feel that when you go in looking like a slug... no one's going to be in a bind to do their best work on you. Almost like... 'anything will be an improvement with this girl'. So... as I am again taking advantage of the beauty school discount haircuts... I will be fully made up. I can't have them doing anything BUT their best... as it will still be a mediocre haircut. Although, it never fails that however hard you try... you feel like Demi Moore going in and feel like Dudley Moore inside. Maybe its the lighting making you like 2-face girl on Seinfeld, maybe its the overspray from the washtub wrecking your make-up, maybe its the overload of overly tanned, overly whitened, overly blonde hair dressers in your vision... who knows... but its inevitable.

Last night, I had a brilliant idea... to buy to 2 tickets for Jeff and me to go to the Austin RODEO! I knew it had to be an inspired idea, because Jeff's never been to a real live rodeo and the musical guest for the night was Jeff's favorite artist-of-the-moment... ASHLEE SIMPSON! So... I hastily ordered the non-refundable tickets only to find that Monday was the ONE night that the rodeo would not take place. It was a whole Ashlee Simpson concert instead! I felt like such a bonehead as I called the box office and begged for the money back. Fortunately, I was on the line with a rule-breaker... who gave me the refund even thought they "weren't supposed to do that." I wanted to tell him that they shouldn't be false advertising a rodeo just to try to sell Ashlee Simpson concert tickets then.
Maybe we'll go tonight... maybe not.

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Kenlyn said...

As someone who just enjoyed the Austin Rodeo and Pat Green concert last night, I highly recommend the rodeo. They also have carnival rides -- completely the most fun ever! AND, don't forget to check out Whiplash, the cowboy monkey. He is the cutest thing in chaps this side of the Pecos! Beware for all readers with sensitive allergies...I thought I was going to die with all the dust that was stirred up with those buckin' broncs!! However, it's worth the suffering because it's a lot of fun and where else can you find bedazzeled cowgirl tank tops?! Summer 06's must have item.......