Friday, March 03, 2006

As this is the second time this week that Jeff has left me sitting alone in my roach-infested apartment, I find myself with nothing to do. Nothing, that is, except to shop online and jump at every slight motion in roach- paranoia... only to find it was caused by the ceiling fan. After smashing one on my face and one on my leg... I've come to the conclusion that they just want to be around ME! I've cleaned my apartment, the lights are always on, and they scurry toward instead of away from me. They really are like my special pets. I'll write in code (for I fear that they might be reading over my shoulder and will be slightly offended)... but I've put in a call to management to have them "taken care of."

Last weekend, the whole bunch of us went to Marble Falls to for the weekend. My parents needed help painting the entertainment center. I let Jeff take care of that while I ordered the paper and ribbon for the wedding invitations and talked with a florist (of sorts.) I was slightly concerned that our style visions may differ when I saw her in a bedazzled shirt and cap... but charging only 10% of the wholesale cost spoke louder to me.

I also got to experience the real life woes of pregnancy. My dream of being a happy, glowy, citizens of humanity maternity jeans wearing, cute little pregnant lady may have been dashed. Suzanne's fits of uncontrollable emotion did not seem pleasant to go through... not to mention having to run to the sink and throw up an entire lunch purchased only and specifically for her and her cravings. It was quite entertaining to watch my mom "ooh and aww...poor baby" and jump at even a mention of wanting something... while my dad, on the other hand, can be quoted as saying, "what? you think your the first person to ever be pregnant?" and "Indians used to squat by tree, have a baby, then run to catch back up the group." Needless to say, Suzanne didn't feel quite enough sympathy coming from him... but it made it entertaining for the rest of us.

So I've now written a novela. All 2 of my readers may want to break this up into sections... the date of my next post is likely to be several weeks from now.


markandsuz said...

This was hilarious. Why don't you write more often? I do have to take issue with "fits of uncontrollable emotion." That only happened once so I think "fit of uncontrollable emotion" is more appropriate.

And--you probably will be a cute little pregnant lady wearing Citizens jeans. You may just throw up every morning before you put them on. I on the other hand am looking into the fine denim wear at JC Penney.


rebstar said...

um, make that 3 readers, and I LOVE THIS POST. (and all your other ones, for that matter.)

shauna!!! do you remember me? how about a post from carolyn homely?! :)