Sunday, February 19, 2006

After leaving my apartment due to having no hot water (yet again), I returned to find no heat either. Normally this would be no problem, however, Austin has had arctic temperatures over the weekend. I don't know why my pilot light blows out so often.

The other morning I was awoken by somthing moving on my face right under my eye. I quickly and half-consciously slapped and then flung whatever it was. When my alarm went off, I turned on the light and was horrified. An insect, which I pretty sure is a 1st cousin to the roach, lay half squished on my carpet. It was long and brown and had two stinger-like appendages on its end. I know what you're thinking and I say...Yeah! Sick!

Using the term coined by the great Corky St. Clair in Waiting for Guffman, I can't wait to get out of this "ELL OLE!"

Upon entering my frigid apartment today, Jeff made a beeline for the bathroom and began to scrub. I keep reassuring him that I'm really not a dirty person... I'm just never at home to clean. He kept a classic look of disgust on his face the whole time as he frantically tried to fling my shed hair off of his hands. As long as it doesn't make him stop liking me... I'm quite enjoying my new shiny bathtub!


markandsuz said...
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Laura said...

you gotta hold on to a guy that'll vacuum! But I'm with Suzanne...when they try to be so clean that your house isn't allowed to look "lived-in," it's a little out of control!