Thursday, February 16, 2006

I should rename this blog "confessions of a girl that drives a car that's a piece."

But anyway... so just when I've been telling my dad and jeff that the reason I should get a new car sooner rather than dragging out my agony for a few more months is because my car could die at any time... leaving me unsafe. Well, my car and I were on good terms lately and I actually considered waiting until i had a bit more money... when it died... on an exit ramp of I35. It died.. it just popped up with 'check engine' and died. I was going up a small hill and it proceeded to roll backward as I nervously tried to get it started while irate motorists zoomed around me. Now granted... I was rather low on gas... but still...that is reason enough for me to call it quits.

So... if anyone is in the market for a grayish/black ancient explorer with a dented in bumper, 1 1/2 functioning automatic windows, a smashed in blinker, and leaking power steering fluid that gives each turn the charming sound of a sperm whale trying to locate its lost family... then I will sell it to ... heck, I'll leave it parked at my apt. with the keys in it. come by anytime.


markandsuz said...

IT DIED?? That is my worst nightmare on I-35, especially during traffic. Come on--you have a real job now--you deserve a new car. I will plead your case to Dad and Jeff. They wouldn't want to be driving a car that would die on I-35.

You've suffered enough. It's time.


markandsuz said...

But if you got a new car, you wouldn't have these awesome stories to share with us. I'm torn. :-)

- Mark