Tuesday, January 31, 2006

so... i wrote a whole "i'm going to be an aunt" blog...but after 2 "Safari has unexpectedly quit" messages, I gave up. I have a love/hate relationship with my mac.

Here is the general idea of the last one:
I'm super psyched about Suzanne being "with child". I compared it to the way I felt and her wedding. I was like the co-star that was still in all the good scenes... I just didn't get to say any lines. With the new little James... I'll be like the next closest thing to it's mom (as we're practically fraternal twins, born 3 years and 364 days apart). ... just without the stretchmarks.

I left school at 11:30 today ...because i had a headache all night and this morning. I feel okay now... but setting up for a sub was more trouble than it was worth. I'm trying to get some wedding planning done in my spare time. I need to find a videographer... but everyone I've talked to is already booked for June 24th.

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markandsuz said...

Great post. That's too bad that your original post was lost. But this one was good too. Sorry you had a headache and had to leave school. I got a migraine yesterday on the way home from school and vomited all over myself in the car. It was pretty neat. Mark had to clean it up, poor thing.

I'm glad you are excited about the baby. You will be a great aunt.