Thursday, January 19, 2006

Well great...
You know that feeling when you think you're the best driver in the world... then something happens to put you in your place. Umm... that just happened to me BIG TIME! I had left my school at 5:30... being a responsible adult with my brand new real adult job. So I was driving along... well inching along... on I35, when I spotted a car to my right that I like. As you all know... I do have my sights set on getting a new car. (Although, Jeff thinks I should wait until I have to push mine into the junkyard.) Traffic started moving, so I accelerated a bit... and went back to look at the name of the car. 2 seconds pass and I look back ahead to see the tail lights of a stopped truck. I slammed on my breaks, but It was too late. So... I had to step out of my car on I35 (my worst social nightmare) to see his bumper bent down and mine bent in. Just a minor fender bender, whose only injury was a horrific cut on my hand given by the nails on my other hand during my seizure-like reaction to the tail lights. As if my poor old car hasn't been through enough. It must just want to go die peacefully alone on a farm or salvage lot... but I keep it's last days action packed. Well, I have to go call the guy because I gave him expired insurance information... and I don't want to be dragged from my classroom and hauled to the slammer tomorrow.


bertha123456789 said...

You are too funny!:) It's not funny that you were in a fender bender, just glad all is alright:)

If it's any consolation, I'll be driving Mean Green for the next 10+ years...or until I have to push her to a salvage yard, whichever comes first:)

Happy Friday!:)

markandsuz said...

At least Jeff does most of the driving and you only go to and from work in your car. Plus, I'm sure your car fits right in at your school. It won't get stolen!

p.s. At least you don't have an 88 Champagne colored Honda Accord with flip up lights.


markandsuz said...

Oh, I forgot--one other thing. Please update your blog more regularly. I need your humor in written form on a regular basis.