Saturday, January 07, 2006

YAY!!! jeff is on a plane back home right now! it sure is a good thing he lives here and i never had to have a long distance relationship... because that boy has no inflection in his voice. his 'i miss you too' -on the phone... sounds like 'um...i wish you'd stop calling me'- in my head. it's a good thing he's coming back tonight or i'd really be a basketcase. i think i'm breaking out in hives because i can't wait for his plane to get in. so... i went to the bridal extravaganza with my mom today. it is pretty much completely worthless, but with 12$ admission - somebody is making a killing off of that thing. i wish i had thought of it. i found a photographer that i might like and got to eat some cake samples. now... i'm just killing time waiting to pick jeffrey up from the airport.

about the photo: this is jeff playing football in high school back in Minnesota. isn't he dreamy!? although... i do worry about his safety playing without a helmet.


markandsuz said...

That is a good picture of him. He looks like Kirk Cameron (which is a compliment in case someone doesn't know that). That's true--why isn't he wearing a helmet. They don't do that in Lyle?

p.s. I checked Jerry Malcolm's website (our videographer) and we didn't make the cut. But-several of my songs were used in other people's videos--like Amanda Bowman. Just thought I would share. Mom said y'all saw him and and he said me and Mark were on his website.

Laura said...

i love reading your blog shwain, cause it reminds me of those exciting times before you're married - not that it gets any less exciting after the wedding day, but it's such a different feeling. i can't wait june 24. did you find a dress yet?!? love you.