Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jeff’s been in Florida for 5 days so far… and still has 3 more to go. I’ve never been so homesick for a person so much… can you be homesick for a person? Its like an ache… that I get whenever I think about him and realize he’s far away. I don’t function the same without him. Call it co-dependency if you must... but I don’t care….I love him and it’s not fun for him to be gone for 8 days.

This is what I thought about all day…I love his blue/green eyes. I love how he says the /o/ phoneme. I love his blackish jeans. I love his skater shoes. I love that he has a tattoo. I love that he loves his family. I love the way he wakes up early and drinks coffee with my dad when we’re at home. I love that he loves Bono so much. I love that he burns c.d.s for Suzanne and me. I love that he likes to give thoughtful gifts. I love that even though I talked about it all the time… he was still nervous when he proposed. I love his freakishly long feet. I love the way he walks. I love when he laughs hard and silently. I love that he’ll eat anything. I love the way he looks when he’s formulating something funny to say in his head. I love the way he smells. I love when he calls me his little partner. I love when he plays the guitar. I love when he calls when I’m talking to someone else and his little head pops up on the phone. I could go on for days.

About the picture: I one time phoned Jeff frantically because I was subbing and thought that I had forgot to turn my straightening iron off. So he came over… to find that it was in fact OFF… and still spelled out ‘but I love you’ in m&m’s on my counter. The ants were very appreciative of the gesture as well.


markandsuz said...

That's sweet. I think you can be homesick for a person b/c your true love/soul mate is your home. It makes perfect since to me. I also love how Mark looks when he is thinking of something funny to say. It's cute.

I miss Jeff too. I miss the gold ol' days when we had 2 weeks off from school and we could all hang out every day/night.


markandsuz said...

That's awesome that I wrote "since" instead of "sense."

Oh I just saw another one. That's too cool that I put "gold ol' days" instead of "good ol' days."

How do you edit comments???