Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Today was my first day as a real live teacher. It was a rough day. Is it just me or have kids turned really bratty these days? I’m positive that when I was in the second grade. I never asked my teacher what SHE was going to do about it, if I was asked what I was going to do to improve my behavior. Ugh. Then again, my teacher never responded with blatant sarcasm to any of my responses. ‘yeah… that’s a great idea to poke that paper clip through that eraser instead of doing your math assignment. You’ll be in the GT class in no time!!’ ... “It makes me feel AWESOME when you mimic what I’m saying to that kid next to you!”.... ‘Ummm…. yeah, keep doing what you’re doing … because when I am doing something else, I automatically become deaf and blind!”
Why do I have to collect crap, like old stuffed animals and mardi gras beads,to give these kids anytime they take a break from acting like monkeys just set loose in a second grade classroom….When they should be acting like that all the time? Everyone has said to threaten them with a call home… but since I have an irrational fear of calling people...really that is more of a punishment to me.

About the picture: These two precious kids are from the Kindergarten class that I interned in at UT. I miss them.

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