Saturday, August 19, 2006

I feel like there should be some sort of triumphic music when you load this page.

Yes... ladies and gentlemen... I am back!

I took that first class plane ride about 4 months ago and much has happened since then.

For those of you who haven't heard already. "The piece" is gone. A lucky used car salesman got that jewel for a VERY bargain price... (I'm talking in the triple digits) This explains why I haven't written much of anything. I have this fear that I won't think of anything interesting to say if I don't have my old car to make fun of.

However, I've also gotten married. I feel that married life may make up for the car with its own stories to share.
So far.. so good. Jeff is a wonderful roommate. He can cook, clean, fix things... how did I ever live without him. (It is here that I am glad Jeff doesn't have a blog because I would hate to say this and read his response about me.) Over the summer I was a great wife... but it seems lately that Jeff is having to do a lot more.

I'm 4 days into my second year of teaching and I feel like a 97 year old woman and not a zippy, spunky one. The kind that is in poor health. I hobble around the apartment moaning about my feet and my back and not able to make a coherent thought. This could be because of the cute, strappy shoes I bought while "school clothes" shopping. I had to justify their purchase to Jeff by wearing them to school... next year its only SAS nursing shoes for me.

My brain hurts also. After a 2 month vacation, it is just too much to be singing the alphabet song so that a 2nd grader can know where to find an 'm' on the alphabet chart. That's right... where to find an 'm'. He doesn't recognize numbers or letters.... much less know what sounds they make.... even much less know how to put those sounds together to make words... even even much less know how to break down the sounds to read a word. They are supposed to be reading at AT LEAST a level 12 to be ready for second grade. He can't even be tested for a level 1... its beyond his grasp.

Anyway... by friday ... I was saying things to them like, "STAY SEATING... i mean... STAY SITTED... oh whatever... you know what I mean." ( and that is a direct quote.)


markandsuz said...

Hooray!! I am so glad you are back!! You definitely don't need your old car for good material for your blog. I think your new students and married life will give you plenty to write about. That's a great picture of Grace. Please post often. I need to laugh.


David James said...

Teachers should get a discount on SAS shoes. Thanks for the good laughs.


Mom & Dad said...

Please e-mail us everytime you update your blog. We don't usually think to check it, but we sure don't want to miss your updates. I think we might buy Jeff a jigsaw for Christmas and he can start cutting out some cute little alphabet necklaces for you to wear.
Mom & Dad

Amber said...

I'm glad that you're back... Suz told me and I had to come see the latest news. I'm with you on the 97 year old woman thing and I too have 3 kids that need reading help...I am still am trying to have people talk to 1 kid in Spanish, but he says he doesn't understand it. I thought it was that he didn't know Eng. Guess not.