Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guess who’s TWO….


the same kid who sat in the same yard looking like this:


only months ago.

Here is my little Easter baby… the past three years.



Eli at 2:

-still loves his paci.  We hear “Pa-ti, are you?” multiple times a day, as he looks for them.  I’m not ready to take it from him… don’t judge.  A kid this cute can pull off a wicked overbite, right?

-such a character.  Already loves making us laugh.

-answers to Beankins, Goo-beankins, Mr. Goo-Beankins, and Beankins ol’ Stinkins

-wakes up everyday telling me (very seriously) how he dreamed about “ow-dants" and “rogs”… elephants and frogs

-can say (or at least try to say) pretty much everything now.  Some of our favorite Eli-isms are “Lucky=yucky, ‘Mon= C’mon, eeg0=here you go, wajthiz=watch this” and of course Mommo and Daddo

- loves everyone.  Finally an Olson kid that will wave  to old people in the grocery store… and save his mother from overcompensating with nervous high pitched laughter.

-SO busy. This kid NEVER STOPS.  He is a full time job and the source of my premature aging.

-loves Barney (“Marney and eebop”). loves to sing. loves to talk about animals (especially cows and chickens). loves any kind of drink at any time of day.

-wants to be just like his ‘Daddo’… which is okay by me.


I’ll admit that I was scared of life with a boy…  and that it is COMPLETELY different than life with a girl… but I wouldn’t trade it.    He is ALL boy and is  a CONSTANT source of joy and laughter.  Nano’s early nickname for him is still so fitting… he’s our little ‘bright spot’…. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him with all my heart.

Happy 2nd birthday Eli!



Tom said...

Eli is such a precious boy and a delight for us all. I have to admit I wasn't too sure about boys and what they like to play but I am having a blast and I feel so blessed to be Eli's Nano.

Dawn and Matt said...

He is darling and sounds like a hoot! Happy birthday to him and it's nice to see you're doing well. Both of your kiddos are just precious.

The James Family said...

He is a bright spot. He is almost always happy. And I'm glad he actually likes me. :) Love him.

Lauren Valentine said...

So beautiful! He sounds like quite the funny boy : )

Anonymous said...

He is the most precious two-year-old in the entire world. He has me (and Uncey Dean)completely wrapped around his little finger! Love him so!

Je Je