Friday, June 24, 2011

5 years…

with Olson and I love him more now than ever.

I learned that the theme for the 5 year anniversary gift is supposed to be wood…  and you know how I LOVE A THEME.

So, I took control of planning our anniversary celebration in all wood related things…  and as I am not currently paid for my job… I did it cheaply.

We celebrated things in our past that all had something to do with the ‘wood’ theme… here is the scrapbook page I made for the event:


1.I took him to  Rudy’s… to the exact wooden table on which he sat across from me and charmed me with his witty remarks… (and decided I was cute, but much too young.) **shout out due here to David James, who made the last 5 years possible by being so great that both Jeff and I wanted to sit by him at Rudy’s after church one Sunday, and consequently sat across from each other.

2.I look him to the driving range… where we used to go for fun when dating and looking for something to do. (** this is where I sustained a shoulder injury on my first ever golf swing and have not been able to swing again.  Jeff refuses to believe this… but yes…  I am THAT un-athletic.

3.We tried to camp out… but it is like we live in the Sahara desert…  and with Me, Him, and B-Bug in a 2 man tent.  We didn’t make it long.  I think we could maybe call it 10 minutes, before we were inside watching a movie in the AC with Nana and Augie.  Blame it on our anniversary being in June…. if you must.

4.I gave him a magnesium stick and tinder dust to start a fire from scratch for all the hours we’ve spent together watching OTHER men make fires.  Jeff LOVES him some survival shows.

5.We played Jenga… because yes…. we own Jenga.  We played it at night when newly married and bored for approximately 4 months.  Then I was pregnant and asleep by 7 and then we had a baby and remember with fondness the lost feeling of boredom.




5 things I love about him after 5 years…

1. He’s so, so funny.  It’s what caught me on our first meeting and everyday since.

2. He’s a man’s man.  I am confident always that he can make, build, solve or fix anything.  Just last weekend he went out with a dollar store sand bucket and some too small gloves and fixed our non-draining septic tank about 10 minutes after we noticed it was broken.  I didn’t have to smell a thing!  He’s good man to have around.

3. He grows more handsome with age… which is nice for me.  Poor him… motherhood, it seems,  is a one way ticket to Trolls-ville for me.

4. He’s such a good provider for our family. He is such a generous giver, so smart and has such a strong work ethic (which is semi- uncommon for someone with sales hours).  I am so thankful because he is the reason I am able to stay home and give our family ALL of my attention each day.

5. He makes cute babies.  Not singlehandedly, mind you.  But, it might be his super power nonetheless.


I love him so. I love him so. I love him so. I love him so.  I love him so.


Suzanne said...

That was very sweet and hilarious too. You are far from Trolls-ville though. And it is laughable to think at one point in our marriages we were ever bored. I love all the wood stuff you came up with. You are truly gifted with themes. Happy 5th Anniversary!

Stephanie said...

Such a sweet post! You are SO CREATIVE!!!! Have I told you that before? Gosh, what cute ideas!

And the troll thing made me LAUGH OUT LOUD but is SO untrue!

Anonymous said...

I thank Jesus every day that my brother has someone who loves him so. He is one of the best men I know. I am so lucky he is my brother. Happy anniversary. Love you both!


Tom said...

Jeff is also a very good son-in-law. He is always so kind. He always pitches in and helps in whatever needs to be done and never complains. We appreciate him so much. Love, Nana

Cristi said...

Happy 5th!! I'm gonna have to agree w/ Suz that you are far from Trolls-ville. What sweet words you have for Jeff. I guess I need to start working on my post for Sept. ha! We're blessed to have ya'll as friends! Happy Anniversary :)

David James said...

Happy Fifth Anniversary! I seems like just last year we were kayaking (3 of us +1) on Town Lake and eating gingerbread pancakes at Magnolia Cafe. You could tell something was brewing ;-)

And I'm not sure about me being so great you all wanted to sit by me at Rudy's. Maybe I was the *least* awkward on a very small sliding scale or just had the fullest bottle of Rudy's Sauce.

See you all soon.