Monday, May 23, 2011

little ballerina…

Lily had her very first dance recital yesterday.    (Despite the fact that she is usually very much an Olson, I think she looks like Nana in this picture.)


She loved getting to wear make-up, she loved getting to wear a costume, she loved practicing her bow and curtsy… and loved seeing her best friends.

She hated having her  to get her hair  pulled into a proper ballet bun, and hated how her dad and I couldn’t stop laughing when we took it out and she looked like Dog the Bounty Hunter.


She fought a nervous tummy, went on stage, danced her little heart out ( despite being next to a girl who never ‘woke up’ at the beginning of the dance)  and  even recovered after getting a little distracted by the big audience. 

She looked beautiful and so, so tiny up on the stage.  Since she usually seems so, so grown up… that was especially fun for me.  She was a baby again for 3.5 minutes.



The grand finale required them to bow holding hands and walk backwards.  Being 3 year olds, walking backwards holding hands was a little tricky.  There was a mishap.  The crowd reacted. Her poor little face showed her crushed spirit and sore bottom.  I wanted to rush the stage and hold her.  But she  pulled it together.


I ran backstage to get her, told her how wonderful she was and how beautifully she danced. 

Her face said it all.  She promptly informed me that this performance was her LAST.

Wish we’d taken pictures BEFORE the show.



Therefore, since there will be no others….

watch below the spectacular but brief dancing career of Lily Olson

… in its entirety.

Lily Dance Recital from Jeff Olson on Vimeo.


Lauren Valentine said...

What a great post! You have a beautiful little ballerina on your hands....I hope she decides to try it again! It actually brings tears to my eyes watching her sweet little dance as I imagine my girls being big enough to do that. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

My precious little ballerina is SO, SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She did an absolutely perfect job of dancing with all her heart!!!!! I am so proud of her for holding back the tears and keeping it together inspite of the embarrassment she was feeling!! Thanks for sharing this special moment with us. You know how much we wanted to be there. Love, Maow

Anonymous said...

She is the most beautiful ballerina ever, and she had an outstanding performance! We wish we could have been there to share in the fun.


Cristi said...

Lily is beautiful! And she did a great job. I couldn't stop laughing at the girl beside her that literally didn't wake up EVER. Cracked me up. That so would've been me as a little girl. ha! Thanks for sharing!

Tom said...

Lily looked so beautiful in her make-up and dance costume. Lily is definetly a girly girl. She was in her element. It was fun to watch her perform. Hopefully she will forget about the fall and want to keep dancing with her little friends. Love, Nana

The James Family said...

Okay I'm hoping for no error msg this time....I laughed so hard at that girl that never "woke up" and then I got choked up when Lily was holding back the tears at the end. Wish we would have been there. I had no idea it was our one and only time to see Lily dance. Maybe she'll change her mind.

Anonymous said...

I think Lily looks so old and is ending up dancing like me. Maybe we can dance together in July.
Love, Grace