Thursday, June 03, 2010


Eli is  6 WEEKS old this week!!  In my head this whole time, I’ve held 6 weeks as this magic goal when everything will be better. .. and it pretty much is. I had heard that having 2 kids is about the same as having 10.  I believe it now.  What did I do with all my free time when I had just one?  The hardest part is not being able to leave him unattended.  Just 2 days ago, Lily skidded across his head at a full run while he was enjoying some tummy time.

It only took me about 5 weeks to FINALLY send these out…  and I even had them made before I had him.

eli's birth announcement copy

I’m starting to figure the kid out too.  He likes to be talked to and if you engage him during his awake time and don’t try to get him to go to sleep before he’s ready… then he really is a happy boy. 

He is even smiling now!

Proving to be just like his dad, he won’t smile or talk for just anything.  He does it when HE wants to.  Also, like his dad, his favorite thing is pretty much to quietly observe his surroundings…  oh… and stand up with help. Jeff, not so much.

If he ends up being a boy with a little of his dad’s personality, I’ll be so thankful.  I think I can only handle ONE feisty child at a time.


Here are some random pictures from our last few weeks.

Eli’s one month birthday party….  a.k.a.  mom really wanted an excuse to make a cake and eat pretty much all of it in the name of  nursing.  Hey, it was his birthday cake… I was just making sure he got some of it.  A LOT of it!

DSC_0016-2  DSC_0020-2  DSC_0022-2  DSC_0023-2 DSC_0027-2 DSC_0025-2 


Memorial Day at my parents’ house.


In true ‘ONLY GIRL’ fashion…  Lily decided to take in some partial sun on a towel while the boys played in the sprinkler.  *Sidenote: always said i’d never let my daughter wear a two piece while she was little… until she got this hand-me-down and LOVES it!  Every time she puts it on she says, “I love for my belly to show out!”

Oh brother.



Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I think Chans and I are finally saying that it is much easier now that Easton is 3 & Kiyanna almost 6;) Can't wait to see you all next week!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable pictures of my babies!! Eli has changed so much..can't wait to love and hold both of them in 5 days. My B-Bug is such a girlie girl, love it!!! SO glad to hear that he is such a good baby.

Love You All, Maow

Tom said...

I can definetly tell that things are smoothing out. Also, Luke and Lily seemed so big. They played non-stop and really didn't need or want big people around unless they were wanting to swing. I am amazed that Lily bug has become quite the water bug. Cute pictures. Love, Nana

The James Family said...

Eli is too cute. I absolutely LOVE that little tie onesie. I know what you mean about wondering what I did with all my free time when I just had one kid....and I thought I was busy then. I love that Eli is a looks and personality.

Cora said...

Your Eli cards look fantastic, love the color choices. He's looking very manly in his tie onesie:) Can't wait for Birch and Lily to get some play time soon!

Amber said...

I loved getting the baby announcement. Looks like y'all are having fun. Hopefully I'll get to meet him soon.