Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February update…

I turned 27 on Super Bowl Sunday this year.  Lucky me… a day filled with football… my favorite.

Suz and I finally got a pregnancy picture together at our birthday dinner.  She turned 31 the day after me. 


My dad’s birthday is 4 days earlier.  When taking this picture of the birthday family, my dad  (in true ‘my dad’ fashion) remarked, ‘Taking a picture with my two fat girls.”

Love him so… but even after 32 years of living with women… I guess he’ll never learn.


I got an ipod touch from Jeff and Carla. Lily is getting more use out of my birthday present than I am. Maybe she can teach me how to use it. I’m still using my UT graduation present from Mark, Suz and David – a first generation pink ipod mini with no backlight and real buttons to listen to music in the car.  27… and I’m already like an elderly woman.


In my intense desire to get crackin’… we (meaning Jeff) got Eli’s room painted and some of the pictures hung. (a special birthday/valentine’s day present for me)

  His room theme is going to be bicycles.    I’ve decided to spare my son the walls  full of  handmade art.   Basically, only because birdies and horses are way easier to cut out of paper than bikes.  Also, because I found some vintage bike posters online that I fell in love with… and couldn’t possibly have recreated.  I did make one little thing to fill a small frame. I’ll stop at that.

bisforbike copy

I think there is going to be some real disappointment when Lily realizes that Eli’s room will soon be filled with ELI’s stuff.  For now, she’s loving her very own playroom. She and I had a blast turning it into a grocery store this morning.

DSC_0016 DSC_0011

I can’t express how cute it is to hear her say, “Hello Ma’am. Thank you for coming to my grocery store. Can I help you with anything?”  The absolute best though, is the names she comes up with.  Her pet store is called, “Lily’s Pet- Anarea”  and the office supplies store (located in her bathroom) is called “Lily’s Alli-nacious Store".  Today, I was assigned to  shop with her Christmas baby “Xelcis-Deo”.  

She is seriously my favorite little girl in the whole world.


Stephanie said...

I laughed out loud at Uncle Tommy. Seriously. Men don't get it. Fat jokes while pregnant is not okay.

The James Family said...

I don't even know what to say about Dad's comment....Fortunately he's such a good Dad that I'm able to let that stuff go :)

Lily looks like such a big girl in that one picture!! Her hair is so long and pretty. Playing grocery store looks like lots of fun. The names she comes up with are hilarious.

Tom said...

Love the pictures of you and Suzanne. You too look great. Dad is trying to be funny.(I think!) Lily is truly an amazing 2 year old. She's one of a kind and I'm glad she is ours.

lissalauren said...

I love reading your blog!! How do I 'follow' yours?! Hope all is going well!!