Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I miss my camera…


I’m not even that good at taking pictures with it… but it makes such a difference.


DSC_0008-5   DSC_0010-4

Today I made a birthday gift for my cousin’s daughter, Birch.  (seen above playing with B-Bug after her b-day party… when our camera was still alive and kicking).

Ron and Cora lead a remarkably  natural lifestyle … so I couldn’t just run to Target and get her a flashing light toy or play make-up.

So I got creative… and made this:

 IMG_1012 IMG_1013

I can’t tell you how proud I am that I’ve busted out the old sewing machine yet again.  I made felt envelopes with velcro stamps and filled them with one fabric note with ribbon taggies and the others with letters and pictures

 IMG_1015  IMG_1014

Once again… my sewing is ATROCIOUS!  But, I’m just glad I remembered to lower the needle this time.

Unfortunately, Jeff was sewing some bean bags for the throwing game he built… and used up all the white thread.  Even more unfortunately… he is out of town and is the only one who knows how to fill the bobbin.  Neat… my husband knows more about the sewing machine than I do.



I hope Birchie likes it… and doesn’t make her first sentence …

“Geez… did a blind person sew this?”


Speaking of crafts,  I painted 3 ‘modest’ mermaids for Lily’s friend, Sarah’s, room… none of which I took a photo of.

While I was making them, I painted one extra.  I guess I’ll put it in my etsy store.


And probably…

that’s the last time the word MERMAID will ever appear on this blog…



Anonymous said...

Shauna you never cease to amaze me! Your talents are endless!! Birchie will love sending letters to Dixie Lee and B-Bug-what a wonderful idea. Photos of Birch and B-Bug are so darling. See you in NINE days.

Love You-Maow

Chelsea & Nick said...

Very cute gift- so creative!! LOVE the mermaid- I hope when we have kids, that you are still doing some Etsy stuff because I'm gonna need to order from you!!

The James Family said...

Wow--what a great gift! How do you come up with this stuff. I agree with Carla--your talents are endless!! So jealous but glad you are my sis and I can force you to make stuff for me :)

Jen said...

what an awesome gift!! how do you come up with all of these ideas!? =)

Cristi said...

Good night nurse lady, you're incredible. Now, we're just waiting for some love letters to arrive in Brody's mailbox from Lily! ha

Stephanie said...

Every time I read your blog I am green with envy - you are so talented and creative. I wish I had an ounce of your creativity. What kind of camera do you have? I have got to get something besides my little Sony!