Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reliving the glory days…

is what Jeff and I were doing last night.  We went to see one of my favorite bands at Emo’s  in Austin for our anniversary.  Jeff has a Minnesota connection and has met the bassist.  Of all my times going to Ben Kweller shows, who’d have thought one day I’d be on the will call list…. well technically JEFF was on the list and I had to pay…. but we are ONE right? 



We definitely felt like old folks amidst the sea of X-marked hands… incredibly so as Jeff looked down and noticed ear infection drainage on his sleeve….  but I loved the whole night.  I loved the music so loud that I  feel it in my  chest and singing out all the words at the top my lungs…. I loved everyone else being  just as sweaty as I am…. but most of all I loved the guy standing beside me…. especially while catching the water bottle for me thrown from the stage  (as I am crouched on the floor covering my head.)


I wonder how long we’ll have the remnants of ‘wrath?’ on our arms?



Belated father’s day…

I was told to spend under 20 dollars on father’s day this year… so I got Jeff and Lily some t-shirts shipped in from his alma mater in Wisconsin.  He puts up with all the burnt orange incredibly well… so I thought I’d help him show a little falcon pride.




While we were out yesterday… we picked up this thing to make Lily look as cool as possible while swimming.  Poor kid.



The James Family said...

Glad the concert was fun and you got to relive your glory days. I love that picture of Jeff and Lily with the t-shirts!!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that you and Jeff had a wonderful time at the concert celebrating your 3rd Anniversary. I feel so sorry for my precious Lily having to wear the band on her head while swimming...oh well she looks absolutely beautiful no matter what she is wearing. See you in a month.
Love You-Papa and Maow

Tom said...

I am glad ya'll had a good time. Honestly I have never heard of BK but I guess I have now. I think the picture of Lily and Jeff is really good. I am hoping that headband works well for the bug. Swimming is so much a part of summer, I hate for her not to be able to participate b/c of ear infections. I agree with Maow she looks beautiful. Love you all, Nana

Jen said...

you guys are still so young...take it from an old-timer, like me!!

i hope lily's ear infections get better soon.