Sunday, June 07, 2009

The REAL housewife

of central Texas.

I must admit that I laughed…. hard…. when watching The Real Housewives of NYC and they cut from one family sunning in their luxurious pool at their Hamptons home to this:


"People who live in apartments in New York City, as a lot of people do, don't have this luxury," breezed Alex, as she and her semi-creepy husband floated in their  inflatable, above-ground pool.



Well, who’s laughing now…


We are now the proud owners of this beauty.


Although the show made them out to be  nerd-city…. I’m totally psyched. The blue blow up pool is a big step up from the jungle themed number we had been occupying previously…. and was not big enough for me to be in.  This thing I will definitely be using… just wish I  couldn’t be seen from the street as I lay on a neon air mattress during Lily’s naptime.


I laughed again imagining if there were camera people capturing me, A REAL HOUSWIFE of central Texas…. packing up and heading to the local Wal Mart… buying zit cream, toothpaste and an inflatable pool… running back to check if they had Blue Bell Butter Crunch ice cream…. returning to husband and child deflated after they didn’t…. coming home to eat hot dogs on the porch and watch her husband put it together…  standing in the knee deep water bargaining with her toddler not to ‘GO’ in her swim diaper… hoisting a screaming toddler out of the water  after she ‘WENT’ in her swim diaper.

Ahhhhh….  what a glamorous life I lead.



Lily takes a break from her fancy new pool to go to town on some black olives.


Tom said...

With 100+ degrees coming soon, who cares. I will be trying it out as well. I will be reading Crazy Love this summer. What I have already read is pretty thought provoking. It is an Awesome God we love and serve. Love you all, Nana

Jen said...

you are so funny!! you go, girl!! =)

Guthry, Stephanie and Gavin said...

You crack me up!

Cristi said...

You crack me up. Enjoy the pool!

The Wife said...

That episode made me laugh out loud. They are so creepy!!

I'm jealous of your pool :)

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad y'all got the pool. We will log a lot of hours in that thing I'm sure (if Luke doesn't collapse one side of it first).

That episode of RHNYC was so great how they juxtaposed them in Brooklyn with the Hamptons. Simon and Alex are huge nerds.

Keith, Tiffany, Owen and Delia said...

looks fun!isn't bluebell butter crunch yummy!!!!! it's one of my favorites.