Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I couldn’t take it anymore…

we’ve had this thing


sitting in our garage for THREE days and I cracked!  I found it on sale and got it for Lily’s birthday… yes… that is 5 months from now.  I have been SO EXCITED for her to play with it. So, on Sunday, I told Jeff that I would return these boots that I had bought… if we could give it to right then.

So, Lily and I went for a walk to feed the horses while Jeff assembled it in her room.

This was her reaction:

Lily's New Horse from Jeff Olson on Vimeo.


Not quite what I had envisioned.  She’s TERRIFIED of it!  We spared you the thirty minutes of video footage where I coax Lily closer and closer and then push my luck by trying to set her on top of it.  This 10 seconds pretty much sums it up.

It’s definitely grown on her. She’ll get close and even feed it carrots… but prefers for it to be turned off and always needs a chaperone.  However, she still needs to know where it is at all times.  She doesn’t want it to surprise her.  I had the brilliant idea of lugging this GIANT thing into the living room for her and when she turned around and saw it… she went BALLISTIC!

P2229540 P2229565




here he is…  just looking at her wanting her to love him





We finally got her to PRETEND she likes him.  He is turned off and and can make no sudden movements.


This is the first and last time she has been on him. Just after these photos were taken, I made the mistake of scooting him on the carpet like a ride…. NOT A GOOD IDEA!

P2229572  P2229576 

So this is our new pet.



His name may be “Nubbin'”… if it sticks… thanks a lot, Augie.


We’re just waiting for Luke to come over and show her that it’s cool.


The James Family said...

Oh my gosh--I just laughed so hard reading this post. I L-O-V-E the video!! That is priceless. This is what Dad would say if he read our blogs--"Shauna, you need to quit doing stuff that makes Lily afraid of horses/large animatronic figures." (Remember--he was giving me a hard time about "making" Luke afraid of loud noises ;) I can't wait for Lukie to come play with Nubbin.

Laura said...

priceless! lily's face killed me just looking at that horse like "what the heck is that thing doing in MY room?" but hey - you're brilliant - a pet that doesn't shed, poop, pee, or require real carrots. i wish i'd thought of that.

Mallarie said...

That thing will kill you in the night.

Jen said...

too funny! don't they always surprise you with what they end up liking!? hopefully, she will come around...

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the same horse at Target for Lily's birthday. I just wasn't sure how to get it to her,so I am glad you bought it! I am sure she will soon love it. Miss you all!

Jessica said...

that is definitely worth taking back your boots! hehe. im sure Lily will grow to love it!

Cristi said...

That horse is adorable and her face says it all. Hilarious!

Tom said...

Well, I have finally had the time to catch up on the "blogs" and the videos. What a precious, smart little girl we all have the priveledge to watch grow up. I felt that way about you girls and it feels the same with the grandkids. I agree with Laura about finding the perfect pet. Love you all, Nana