Monday, November 10, 2008

After my seemingly annual bout of strep throat...

we're back in business around the Olson home. 


Just wanted to point out that VanillaBean is being featured on 30 Days... which is a super cool blog to subscribe to for lots of fun crafty tutorials.

Tomorrow 2 winners will be chosen for these two personalized art pieces.

PA318075 PA318098

Go to this post and leave a comment:

(even if you don't want the art... so it will look like we have more of a following... haha)

Here is Lily doing a little decorating of her own space with a VanillaBean original of her favorite subject....  and then sending it down the slide.  Sure would be nice if she hadn't figured out how to open my craft closet door.




Tom said...

I love that Lily wanted to "decorate" her playscape. She is such a fun "cutie pie". I think that is great about the VB. I think you and Laura are extremely creative. Love you all, Nana

The James Family said...

I didn't even know you guys were still posting on VB and I went there and there were tons of posts I had missed!

Jen said...

sorry to hear you had strep throat...glad you are all better.

drew is into everything too!!