Friday, October 10, 2008

I just wasted about an hour on the website... 

I took our Christmas card photo from last year:



and found out what I would have looked like had I been born in a different time.... and slightly deformed.


1960 1964

1960                                                                1964


1968                                                           1976

1980 1986

1980                                                                           1986




I had so much fun doing mine that I did Jeff's too...

and nearly wet myself. 


j50 j62

1950                                                                1962

j76 j80

1976                                                               1980

j86 j90

1986                                                               1990


The James Family said...

Wow. I'm so glad you did those. They are hilarious! My favorites: you in 1986 and Jeff in 1976. I should do me and Mark too.

Tom said...

Oh my goodness! I laughed so hard I have tears coming down my face. These are a riot. You know I am now old enough, I could actually pull pictures of myself from some of those years and match up with some of those hairdos. Thanks for the good laugh. Love you all, Nana

Jen said...

that is so funny!! thanks for sharing! i don't know if i am brave enough to do that!!

David James said...

I can smell the perm in your 1986 photo. It smells like the Regis in the Temple Mall combined with a whiff of the corn dog stand nearby.

Cristi and William said...

Freakin' hilarious. All I have to say is very nice Clark, very nice & classy!