Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome back old friend! Since my apple powerbook sold on ebay the morning that my water broke, my ipod has been out of commission. My wonderful technically savvy husband finally found a way to reformat my ipod to work with our new non-mac laptop. So... for the first time since Lily's debut, we were able to listen to my old faves on our drive to Austin yesterday.

It's funny how a song can take you back to the exact feelings you've had at another time. I had the thing on shuffle and almost every song held a specific memory... usually of me listening to it in "the piece" (my explorer, see post 1/1/06). It was surreal to think of those times that don't seem that long ago and now think that I'm listening to that same song with my child. Ha.

Anyway... the coolest thing was this:
I was watching Lily in the mirror as she sat in her seat playing with her favorite teether. My all-time favorite song, Tupelo Honey, came up on the random shuffle. She literally stopped playing, looked up, and listened to the entire 7 minute song! As soon as the next song, Golddigger (sorry Dad), came on... she immediately stopped listening and went back to playing with the teether.
INCREDIBLE! I can remember so many times while pregnant that I would be stressed out in traffic or after a bad school day that I would turn on that song because it makes me happy. I SERIOUSLY think that she recognized it from the womb and it probably had good feelings attached.
I know my parents said that they were listening to that Van Morrison album a lot when we were little... and Suzanne and I both LOVE everything he sings. I guess we're just creating the next generation of Van fans.


The James Family said...

Wow--that's really neat! I'm so glad Lily already has great taste in music. I don't think I have played that song for Luke but I should try it. I'm pretty sure he heard it while in the womb too. I always turn the radio up really loud when a VM song comes on.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we haven't been singing that to our sweet Lily. She's as sweet as Tupelo Honey, She's as sweet... I can't bring up all the words without the music. Maybe that's why I haven't. Nana

laura said...

i miss the old piece. great memories from that car :) i'm sure lily will have good taste in music like her mom.