Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Since approximately July 4th, my home has been on a back burner. I got pretty much everything decorated in my 'nesting' stage of pregnancy. Only our bedroom was left ... slightly less than finished.

However, the ceremonial moving OUT of the cradle (which had become a catch-all for clothes waiting to be hung, toys, and books) lit a fire under me to finally address the needs of that room.

The bedroom has mostly browns, so I wanted to add some color and visual interest with art. Still no headboard... so I needed an inexpensive fix for a 'blah' wall. I hate buying things for walls when I know I could make something myself.

My answer was SCRAPBOOK PAPER. Oh how I love scrapbook paper! I framed 4 different patterned papers in 4 pre-matted clearance sale frames....

and voi-la... one decorated bedroom!

You don't realize how it feels living in an unfinished room... until you finish it! It seriously took away stress I didn't even know I was carrying around. Plus, I love my new less than 30$ framed "art."


The James Family said...

I think those look really great, and the room looks great too. I really wish I had gotten some of that creative gene but it skipped me completely.

Thanks for the shout out for my U2 youtube clip. You're probably the only one that watched it and I knew at least you would appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

Your bedroom looks great. I cant wait for you to make some for my house. I am glad that one of you girls got the creative gene. It certainly skipped me. Nana