Monday, January 28, 2008

One of my favorite things about my husband is that he's always a very wise steward of our money and usually quite a saver....
but every once in a while he just wants to buy stuff!

I totally trust him, as he keeps a good handle on our family finances... he knows how much I've spent at which stores while shopping before I even walk through the door thanks to wells fargo online banking. I think he's feeling flush with tax returns and government rebates looming in the distance... so he's been on a veritable spending spree.

Purchase #1: Lily's new bike trailer/jogging stroller. (now all we need is some bikes-- maybe next time, as Jeff's previous bike shop work experience makes him very brand conscious)

Purchase #2: A new camera lens... to achieve those blurry backgrounds previously out of my grasp.

Purchase #3: A rocker/recliner for putting fussy babies to sleep in the living room, so we can be in front of....

Purchase #4: OUR NEW TV! I've been telling Jeff we DON'T need a new t.v. for months until we got the new recliner and couldn't see the t.v. due to the placement of the armoire. In the words of Jeff's friend, Brock, "Your two biggest investments in life should be your house and your t.v." Although... making the jump from 26 inch to 37 inch was big enough of an investment for us. Truthfully, I miss the top of the armoire... which is now residing the the garage.

As soon as we loaded the t.v. into the minivan, Jeff complained of a stomach ache and cold sweats... which signals... the spending window is closed. He now feels shame... much like I do after polishing off half a pan of brownies, when I just wanted a bite. If his thrifty Dad lived here... he probably wouldn't be able to look him in the eye for several days.

It sure was fun while it lasted... and we have some new things to enjoy for years to come.


The James Family said...

Congrats on all the new stuff!! It is fun to get new stuff. I didn't know about the TV--that's awesome! I think the recliner looks great too. I'll have to take Luke for a ride in the jogging stroller. It looks really cool.

I don't think y'all should feel guilty. You are debt-free except for your house (as are we, I had to throw that in) so I'm sure you two didn't make any bad decisions.

David James said...

I love the new toys. Congrats. I want to see blurry photos! I'm fascinated at how that works. I agree; the U2 IMAX show was awesome even if I did have a guy next to me making groaning noises in between songs.

Cristi & William said...

I'm jealous, can he send some of that William's way? ha Enjoy the toys! :)

andy said...

i am going to have to block laura from your website if you do more posts about all the cool stuff you are buying. haha jk, the question that we are all wondering is if Lily is going to inherit your hand-eye coordination when it comes to throwing and catching a ball.